Passage of the Week: Smitty, The Other McCain

by the Left Coast Rebel
Smitty over at The Other McCain hits his stride and hits one out of the park:

Who gives a flying French fornication if we elected our first Muslim President concurrent with our first black President? That Ruling Class, and the dirty debt diaper we now enjoy, was born and baptized under the tenure of Woodrow Wilson. Yay, Chrisitianity: if you haven’t got a Caesar unto whom to render, sodomize your secular Constitution and see what grows within a century.

Conservatives, Tea Party celebrants, and the American wing of the Republican Party need to be talking about the Post-Progressive Era. The era when
  • social policies are, appropriately, funded and implemented at the State level,
  • the Federal government does its Constitutional interstate and internation thing, and
  • anyone promoting non-wartime Federal deficit spending is, appropriately, laughed out of office.
Head on over to The Other McCain.

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