Net Neutrality... What It Really Means


By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Once again I am forced to revisit the concept of a free and open press. The existence of which has always been, and will continue to be, an absolute necessity to the existence of a free society. In todays world of internet access and the citizen journalist it is perhaps even more critical.

The ability of one to express their views and positions, especially when they are unpopular or provocative, is the bedrock of a free society. A society whose citizens enjoy the liberty to speak openly and honesty about that which concerns them is the bedrock of the very foundation of our Republic.

There are those who aspire to give the government greater control in regulating the internet. As well, these same people would attempt to regulate, through the so called Fairness Doctrine, conservative talk radio. As you no doubt have already determined the progressive (collectivist) element is the driving force behind greater regulation.

Here is what Senator John Kerry (D-MA) recently had to say as reported by The Hill:

“As we work to find a path forward for governing broadband, Congressional stalemate is making a legislative solution look increasingly unlikely in the near term," Kerry said. "As a result, Chairman Genachowski is now moving forward along a regulatory path. While this is an imperfect solution, it’s his only real option to maintain the proper role of government oversight in communications."

For the politically uninitiated, or novice activist, this may sound innocuous or even harmless. It is in reality the voice of progressive interests whose wish is to controlling that which you are able to access. In other words the clarion call of the statists to regulate what you see or hear for political purpose.

Senator Kerry goes on to say:

"While we search for a long term solution I believe that all regulatory options should remain on the table," Kerry said. "I hope that over time we can carve out a bipartisan compromise that preserves and promotes an open, ubiquitous, inclusive Internet infrastructure between Title II and an unregulated network."

If the first statement didn't get your attention the second sure in the devil should.

The Fairness Doctrine, another vehicle the progressives have been desirous of using to control talk radio is another weapon in their arsenal to limit your access to information and media they find "hostile" to their agenda. For more on the Fairness Doctrine and what it means to free on open exchange of views click HERE.

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  1. You don't hear calls by the left for control of TV or print media as they are in thier pocket. The only media giving what the left and Obama are really doing is radio and the internet. The Nazi's and Stalin would be doing the same as the left in trying to control then silence the speech of those they consider counter to their aims which just happen to be radio and the internet.

    Good Ole Boy

  2. Any time you hear Government intervention and fairness in the same sentence it can only mean one thing: the people are screwed. People in power are only interested in absolute control and this is what this is truly all about. Unless of course you truly believe the statement "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you".


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