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You can kill a fetus, but hands off the fetus' sexual orientation.

Democrat leadership so far left, they don't even get along with their own conservative caucus members.

Empty desk or empty mind
? You be the judge.

Anyone else for an Orleans Reunion Tour?

Hamas pledges
support for Ground Zero Mosque. Meanwhile, NY Dems are running for the hills.

NY sees surge in anti-Hispanic violence. Must be all those racist Tea Party members.

NY Times
is back to pushing the heatnick agenda, as I warned.

The summer's heat waves baked the eastern United States, parts of Africa and eastern Asia, and above all Russia, which lost millions of acres of wheat and thousands of lives in a drought worse than any other in the historical record.

Seemingly disconnected, these far-flung disasters are reviving the question of whether global warming is causing more weather extremes.

The collective answer of the scientific community can be boiled down to a single word: probably.

"The climate is changing," said Jay Lawrimore, chief of climate analysis at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. "Extreme events are occurring with greater frequency, and in many cases with greater intensity."

I find it interesting that none of these so called climatologists seem to have read NOAA's La Nina predictions.

Updated: Be sure to check out the must read, "Fire-Fight with Eco-Mobsters" over at the Temple of Mut. Leslie explains the goings-on behind the scenes at my latest Daily Caller piece, "Global Warming Lies...."

Must Read!


  1. If you opine that a hot summer indicates global warming, you receive nods and warm murmurs confirming your status among The Elect. If you opine that a cold winter indicates global cooling, you receive snippy lectures on the difference between "weather" and "climate," and are banished from the Presence of The Elect.

  2. I did a piece today, that followed-up on the responses to LCR's Daily Caller article: Lies,Damn Lies, and East Rebuttals:



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