Updated with Photos: Michelle Obama Girl Party: Maybe not Marie Antoinette, Mary Todd Lincoln…Absolutely!

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

I have no doubt that Obama thinks of his Presidency as historic and important as Lincoln's, which might explain why Michelle Obama is working hard to surpass the legacy of Mary Todd Lincoln. For the non-history buffs, Mary Lincoln is famous for drawing criticisms regarding her spending when the nation was in a time of crisis.

Hey, don't let a good crisis go to waste, take a vacation to Spain on the taxpayer's dime. NY Daily News reports:

But while most of the country is pinching pennies and downsizing summer sojourns - or forgoing them altogether - the Obamas don't seem to be heeding their own advice. While many of us are struggling, the First Lady is spending the next few days in a five-star hotel on the chic Costa del Sol in southern Spain with 40 of her "closest friends." According to CNN, the group is expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms, more than a third of the lodgings at the 160-room resort. Not exactly what one would call cutting back in troubled times.

Reports are calling the lodgings of Obama's Spanish fiesta, the Hotel Villa Padierna in Marbella, "luxurious," "posh" and "a millionaires' playground." Estimated room rate per night? Up to a staggering $2,500. Method of transportation? Air Force Two.

To be clear, what the Obamas do with their money is one thing; what they do with ours is another. Transporting and housing the estimated 70 Secret Service agents who will flank the material girl will cost the taxpayers a pretty penny.

While Mary Lincoln is being challenged by " The Messiah's Last Temptation" Michelle, it is also important to note that Obama is taking cold showers on his birthday.

Via FoxNews

As President Barack Obama celebrated his 49th birthday Wednesday going about his business as the leader of the free world, First Lady Michelle Obama and their nine-year-old daughter, Sasha, jetted to Spain for a "brief holiday."

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Obama's home town of Chicago that the president had received a phone call from his wife and Sasha to wish him a happy birthday.

We all know that Obama's avid golfing is great for the country, but what about Michelle's posh girl parties?

Updated with Photos:

Spain Michelle Obama
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama smiles while she visits Marbella, southern Spain, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010. The White House says first lady Michelle Obama is in Spain for a private trip with longtime family friends. (AP Photo/Sergio Torres)

flotus 1
Michelle Obama and Sasha Obama arriving at Malaga airport in Spain via Air Force Two

daily mail flotus 3
A bevy of bodyguards surrounds the U.S. First Lady and youngest daughter as they take a stroll on the Costa del Sol, Credit - Daily Mail

daily mail flotus 2
Typical tourist attractions in southern Spain, Credit - Daily Mail

daily mail flotus 1
Michelle Obama takes a stroll in downtown Marbella with daughter Sasha (third left) after arriving in the Costa del Sol yesterday mornin, Credit - Daily Mail

Check out more photos of the trip via CBS News, Daily Mail.


  1. Yep. They'll go to Hell for their dessert. For what does it say in the Bible when the poor man, covered with sores, lay sprawling outside the rich man's gates? The rich man had everything, while the dogs licked the poor man's wounds. Am I worried? -MAD Nyah. They'll croak, too. Just give it some time and they'll be sentenced. God bless.

  2. Tone deaf.

    Somewhat related: Does anyone else think it odd that the head of this family celebrated his birthday... without said family?


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