Man Vs. Nature: Russia's Vladimir Putin Shoots Gray Whale with Crossbow
Putin on what the AP calls a 'rubber boat' shooting a crossbow at a gray whale

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor's Note: This blog post is actually a separate draft of my Daily Caller piece that posted last night, "Whale Wars, Putin Style." Head over there to read the more condensed, 'professional' version as well.)

Made you look? So did the headline for me. This is one of those stories that one used to say, "thank God that wouldn't happen in America," except now it does. Well maybe close --- except for the whale-shooting stuff.

The Russian government recently sent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin off to the Far Eastern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula to "cultivate the image of a macho leader" (as the Moscow Times puts it). I guess that macho in Russia - goes with shooting whales.

Imagine the cries from GreenPeace! But wait, the Russian Prime Minister actually did 'shoot' the wandering gray whale (after three attempts) to collect skin samples for science. Imagine the cries from GreenPeace anyway.

The story continued.

Post-whale-harpooning, the Russian, camera-donning equivalent of our American useful idiot press flocked to the beach where the Putin-Zodiac-whale-shooting-crew landed. They subsequently prodded him as to the danger of his whale-faring expedition and to his reasoning behind it . "Living in general is dangerous and because I like it. I love the nature," he responded.

The press in Russian know full well, per the Moscow Times that stunts like this are propagated to present the Prime Minister in a macho, rugged image yet they play along with the charade as if it weren't so. Sound like the Washington press corps?

Recent action-adventure super-hits from Vladimir Putin also include, Putin the Wildfire-Fighter, Putin the Bare-Chested Siberian Fisherman, Putin the Icy River Butterfly Stroke Swimmer, Putin the Polar Bear Fighter and last but not least, Putin the Siberian Tiger Fighter (this one actually does make him sound tough).

What can our President learn from the manly Russian Prime Minister? And what can we learn from the Russian press that willingly portrays this image of a leader?

Anyone remember the mass-coronation, messianic press spectacle of 2008? Just because we live in America doesn't mean that "thank God that wouldn't happen in America" won't, doesn't or hasn't happened here too. And then we all live with the consequences of elections.


  1. I imagine this is why Obama didn't want anyone photographing him swimming in the Gulf. He knows that he looks like a 98 pound weakling in swim trunks; in terms of visual gravitas, he doesn't exactly measure up to Putin.

  2. Thanks for the help! It was for a school project, I think I will get an A! Thanks


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