Hot Air: Ten Lies and counting on Obama’s Health Care plan

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel
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Hot Air has two guest authors today with a stunning piece on ten big Democrat lies on Health Care.  The shocking truth is that, many never believed in the lies in the first place, but it certainly feels good to watch Ed and Allah cramming it down the liberal blogosphere's throats.  The piece is long, thorough and worth a full read.  Here is an excerpt below:

Two years ago, Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit were kind enough to allow us to write here on "The Comprehensive Case Against Barack Obama" —a lengthy analysis pitting candidate Obama's rhetoric against his actual record, past statements and long-time associations. We felt certain at the time, and still do, that his campaign was at its core a savvy marketing machine designed, in part, to deliberately mislead voters about the candidate's true beliefs and experience. Revisiting our presentation two years later, we take no joy in saying that the administration has largely vindicated our concerns.

One of those concerns is health care reform. On March 21, after more than a year of contentious debate, Congressional Democrats finally passed their health care reform bill without a single Republican vote in either house. The president has challenged Republicans to run against his unpopular health care law—implying that they don't have the political courage to do so. He may be right on that point; he may not—but the facts show that (a) many of the highest-profile selling points employed by the Left to drag Obamacare across the finish line were either incorrect or intentional distortions, (b) the consequences of not repealing this law are dire, and (c) the public's enduring hostility toward Obamacare demonstrates a political appetite for repeal.

Recent polls reflect America's zeal for repeal, as does an August ballot referendum in Missouri rebuking the individual mandate, which succeeded by a margin of 71-29. Throughout the lengthy public debate, President Obama and his surrogates consistently ridiculed and denounced critics of the bill as bad-faith, fear-mongering propaganda merchants.

The facts now prove there was plenty to fear in good faith.

Please read in its entirety, you won't regret it!

Also, please check out our own 3 Months of Health Care Links a similar, but less comprehensive look at the aftermath of Democrat lies.

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