The Gulf Coast Presidential Swim... Or Was It?

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Obama's gulf swim aimed at assuring Americans the gulf Coast is again open for business. Presumably the waters off the gulf coast are now pristine and ready for Americans to dive in.

Closer scrutiny once again sends up flags as to the Presidents honesty and integrity. Apparently only the White House photographer was allowed a viewing of the anticipated Presidential dunk,  and the location was actually at a private beach off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay, south west Florida. 

Technically this location is NOT part of the Gulf Coast. But no one should be surprised. This is what we have come to expect from the "Man in the Oval Office." The Independent has more on the story.

Over at Right Pundits they had the following to say:

Obviously this whole trip was in response to criticism over an earlier vacation weekend spent in Maine. Not until the uproar of that trip was the Florida excursion planned. Obama has been highly criticized for his lack of empathy and action during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He, himself, made no comment on the event until the 9th day. None in his administration said anything until the 7th day.

Even at the height of the disaster, the area around Panama City was one of the last, and least affected. Even those beach waters which real are part of the Gulf of Mexico were only closed for a very short time. Nothing compared to impact along the Louisiana coast.

The Obama’s beach weekend lasted a mere 27 hours. Along with the ’swim’, they also took in a boat ride, ice cream and a round of golf. They were greeted by a billboard rented by local Republicans demanding that Obama show the world his birth certificate. If not that, then maybe at least the Indonesia passport of one, Barry Soetoro.

It's certainly becoming fun to watch this President and his missteps. Were it not so sad.

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  1. Not the biggest story of the year but still they think in the digital age that we live in, that we won't find details out like this?

    This sounds like photo-ops done in communist countries.

  2. Tim,

    You are so right... On both fronts.

    Not the biggest story by any means. Telling nonetheless. At least in my opinion.

    Photo Op, certainly. Dishonest, absolutely.

    Can't wait for 2012!

  3. Remember? "Leave my Children Alone!!!". Come on Mr. Un-President. Don't use your children like loose change.

    Cheap hypocrite! That's Obama.

  4. "Oh look, the POTUS is swimming in the Gulf! He must have done a great job getting things cleaned up there... Isn't he great!" Photo op-indeed!
    In my minds eye I see jaws coming up and sucking him up like an hors d'oeuvre off a silver tray that Michelle has been serving up in recent trips with the "elite" class that she so deserves... That would the Photo-op of a lifetime!

  5. Hey, don't sell this story short. I think this is a pretty big story when you consider that the WH shut out the press and used the White House photographer to take photos that amount to nothing more than propaganda to help Obama's sagging poll numbers.

    By the way, I linked you -


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