(Video) George Vogel of Omaha, Pepper Sprays Westboro Baptist Members During Services for Staff Sgt. Michael Bock Who Died in Afghanistan Aug. 13


by the Left Coast Rebel


WestBoro Baptist church founder is a Democrat and has run for office as a Democrat on several occasions.
Just wait! The nutroots will be claiming the Westboro Baptist Church is a Tea Party group, or a rightwing christian group, or...whatever fits the "template."

Oh look, the liberal blogs are right on time!

The following story is so absurd and outrageous on so many levels that it almost defies the ability to describe or comprehend. Listen to this:

(CNN) -- A motorist fired pepper spray Saturday at a group of demonstrators and counter-protesters outside a funeral for a U.S. Marine in Omaha, Nebraska, police said.

The incident occurred shortly before 10 a.m. (11 a.m. ET) as members of a small Kansas church that protests at military funerals and counter-protesters stood nearly a block away from First United Methodist Church during services for Staff Sgt. Michael Bock, 26, who died August 13 in Afghanistan's Helmand province.

A man in a Ford-150 pickup truck drove by, extended his arm and sprayed with a large can, police said. His vehicle was stopped a few minutes later.

"Initial indications are he was probably targeting the Westboro Baptist Church" protesters, said officer Michael Pecha, a spokesman for Omaha police.

Hear from a CNN iReporter hit with pepper spray at the event

George Vogel, 62, who lives just north of Omaha, was booked for 16 counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of felony assault on a police officer for the pepper-spray exposure, police said. Vogel also faces one count of child neglect because his child was in the truck, Pecha told CNN.

Westboro members, led by pastor Fred Phelps, believe God is punishing the United States for "the sin of homosexuality" through events including soldiers' deaths. Members have traveled the country, shouting at grieving family members at funerals and displaying such signs as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," "God Blew Up the Troops" and "AIDS Cures Fags."

It was unclear Saturday evening exactly who had been pepper sprayed, but a Westboro member said no one in her group was affected.Shirley Phelps-Roper, a member of Westboro Baptist Church, said Omaha police did not adequately control roughly 30 counter-protesters, who she said jostled with church members. She also challenged Knudsen's and Pecha's account, saying a few Patriot Guard members were among the counter-protesters.

The group was about 1,000 feet from the church when the driver came by. "Of course it was directed at us," Phelps-Roper, who is Fred Phelps' daughter, said of the pepper spray.

None of the 16 Westboro members on the corner were affected because they raised signs to shield themselves or turned away, Phelps-Roper said. The group returned home shortly afterward. Extra officers were on hand for any possible altercations, but there were only verbal exchanges before the truck drove up, police said.
Perhaps the most outrageous and evil point here is that the Westboro Baptist Church Cult members were engaging in a protest of a man - Staff Sgt. Michael Bock, 26, who died August 13 in the line of duty in Afghanistan. This simple fact that the press ignores begs a question - is there any sort of charity set up for Staff Sergeant Michael Bock's family? After all, he left behind a wife of seven years and a 3-year old son, Zander.

Unlike many in the far left, I find it easy to call out the Westboro Baptist "Church" members and the institution itself as an abomination of any semblance of Christian teachings.

Consider them, I guess, the "Code Pinko" bastard child of what the faith represents and an almost far leftist level of absurdity behind the group's shenanigans.

Is the Westboro Baptist Church actually just a front group for the far left or is it a cult on par with Heaven's Gate?


Video of George F Vogel attacking protesters.

Update x3:

Details of George Vogel's incarceration is outlined below.


  1. The man's a hero in my book. If someone were celebrating the death of my son, I'd probably do something far worse to them than pepper spray, and take the consequences.

  2. I'm confident that there's a much more unpleasant experience than being pepper sprayed waiting for them in the next life.

  3. They clearly need to focus on something more than hurting someone's family who has died so that we have our freedom - Freedom is NOT Free nor should innocent families suffer from the actions of these idiots.

  4. I live in Omaha and I know this family. It is so pathetic that these protestors do this to hurt an innocent family of someone who died fighting for our freedom - Freedom is NOT Free! These families deserve nothing but the utmost respect at such a horrible time in their life.


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