Circular Firing Squad:“F*ck Tea” campaign just another blame game: Who is the group’s leader, Erica Payne? Updated: F*ck Tea Video

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While the left has long tried to argue that conservative ideology is based around fear, the left's is clearly built around BLAME. So with a November tsunami headed their way, roaches are scurrying for the door. In sheer panic mode, leftist pols are firing the blame bazooka at everything and anything in the hopes of stirring up energy.

We've seen the re-emergence of Blame Bush

The White House is busy Blaming their own base

The press Blames Obama

The nutroots? Well they blame the Tea Parties…nothing new. This happens to be the third nutroot campaign against the Tea Party (Coffee Party and the Other 95% were earlier this year).

According to Ben Smith's blog, long-time progressive shill Erica Payne is starting a new campaign, with a slogan so crude only a hack could stomach.

Erica Payne wrote in an e-mail this morning, "to dismiss the Tea Party and promote the progressive cause."

""We will be launching new products in the next several months to help people all over the country F*ck Tea," Payne told POLITICO. "Products like a Glenn Beck Bowl Buddy (Beck B Scrubbin) and others are perfect holiday gifts or just a great way to say, 'I love you and our country' to your spouse, friend or family."

Payne, a veteran consultant to progressive groups, is a co-founder of the Democracy Alliance, the low-profile group of liberal mega-donors who helped build the Center for American Progress and other new organizations that grew in the Bush years.

As with all leftist operatives, Erica has a long profile. Here are a few gems…

She lauded
Van Jones as a "Green Jobs legend"

She was involved in the Al Gore campaign donation scandal back in 2000

Sorros paid leftist goon? You bet!

Though provocative by name, the group has zero chance in focusing Democrats to electorial victory. In fact, it just created yet another distracting target in the long list that encompasses Democrat's current blame game. When everyone's a target, no one is.

Via Memeorandum

Updated (LCR): The F*ck Tea campaign is eerily reminiscent of many of the urban leftist types that I come across. In fact, their ideology and worldview is simply straight out of the gutter, guttural, degenerate and twisted.

It's no surprise, then that these types hate the Tea Party movement and react with a 'F*ck the Tea Party' slack jawed response. It's emblematic of precisely who they are!


I easily predict another pathetic, echo chamber, unadulterated FAIL on every count. Oh yah, brilliant move to launch the 'F*ck Tea' campaign 2 1/2 months before the November elections too.

Updated x2: (NSFW) The Agenda Project F*ck TeaVideo:

I don't think I have heard the 'f' word so many times in one video. Do these leftist types really think that this kind of nonsense will go anywhere beyond the nation's college campi and the girlfriend-less nutroot types living in their parent's basements?

Almost forgot - the Youtube video above has been viewed 314 times, (including the two times I clicked on it)!

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