CA Liberals to Obama: Take our freedom and our money, but don’t mess with LA traffic

Traffic jams save and creat as many jobs as digging holes and filling them back up.
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It's hard to predict just what is really important to liberals.

Is it their choice in health care? Nope, let Obama decide for me. How about their energy use? Nope, Obama can tell me when I can turn the lights on. What about the carbon dioxide spewing from their bleeding-heart whimpers? Nope, they'll hold their breath. What about the money government takes from their pay checks? Nope, it's really all the government's money, the government just kindly let's us keep a little of the "people's money."

Can Obama just drive through your city at anytime preventing you from getting home? Hell No!

In blazing act of royalty, Obama buzzed down the streets of LA last night during drive time. The loyal, liberal peasants were not pleased:

Although it was a friendly crowd, the street closures snared not just vehicles but pedestrians — if calls, e-mails and posts to The Times' website were any guide.

"I was an Obama supporter, but … was stopped by police from crossing Olympic to get home … during my daily dog walk," Amy Christine said on the website. "I've lost all belief in his judgment. Can he really think he's more important than the tens of thousands of people trying to get home to their families?"

Los Angeles Police Department said that it had received several calls from people about the traffic and that the Secret Service had not shared street-closure information with the department.

That's right! Nationalize our health care, but not our traffic!

They'll get over it. Just like the professional left. Obama makes their decisions for them. Without Obama, they'd have to figure everything out on their own and besides, what's wrong with a messiah blocking everyone's commute home to live it up at $30,000 a plate?

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What was missing from Obama's LA speech last night? "These are the days that the seas ceased to rise and traffic in LA was quelled!"

Update x2:

War Planner reminds that Obama just doesn't nationalize traffic when he visits. He also nationalizes the airports as well. Some citizens have sent Obama a bill for his transportations take overs.

Update x3: Daniel Blatt over at Gay Patriot (who lives in L.A. himself) checks in:

Kind of a symbol for the divide in American politics today between the governing class and their allies among the superrich and the American people.

While people in positions of power (particularly political power) support the president, those who toil in the private sector (or wish they did), increasingly oppose his agenda.

Great point, Dan.


  1. How dare that piece of cr*p do that to the Libs who rely on him so heavily. And to think, all he had to do is wave his hand and the traffic would have parted for everyone.

  2. Odie - LOL...he could have at least promised a Federal take over of city traffic.

  3. ..another aspect not considered is that when hatchet-ass flies into KLAX (LAX) they shut down the airport and close the airspace around it.

    We were coming back from a CAP exercise in Santa Maria and had to be wary of a NOTAM (NOTICE TO AIRMAN) and TFR (Temporary Flight restriction) issued for 08-16 through 08-17 for this fathead on his fund-raising tour.

    This stuff is not only hard on ground traffic it also means *nothing* flies -- including commercial aircraft endeavors.

    It got so bad one time around Oakland that a flight school sent the bill to the government for lost revenue.

  4. I was on the street there, stuck for about an hour, when the stupid motorcade went by. For what it's worth, I gave the motorcade the finger as they went by: a little expression of a large sentiment.

    BTW, I think it's ridiculous and absurd that Obama can spend public money to cause such an enormous disruption to business and people's lives, for the purpose of collecting private campaign contributions. At the absolute least, politicians should be required by law to compensate the city for all money spent on security for the trip, and all businesses negatively affected for lost revenue/production, from the coffers of the campaign fund they are collecting for. I'm sure this recent LA excursion alone cost taxpayers and businesses well over a million dollars, and that's effectively direct theft of public money for Obama's campaign fund. It makes me sick.


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