131,000 jobs lost in July 2010: What happened to all the “Only Government” rhetoric

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

While Obama was busy on his economic victory tour, and Michelle Obama partying in Spain on the taxpayer's dime, the economy lost 131,000 jobs.  June unemployment was revised down with nearly double the job losses.  NY Times reports:

Over all, the nation lost 131,000 jobs last month, but those losses came as 143,000 Census Bureau workers left their temporary posts, the Labor Department said. June's number was revised dramatically downward to a total loss of 221,000 jobs. The agency originally reported that the nation lost 125,000 jobs in June.

The losses hail back to Obama's first summer as President when the economy was bleeding jobs at a slightly higher rate; July 2009 saw 247,000 jobs lost.  It seems after 18 months as President, the only thing that has changed is who Obama feels is responsible for saving the economy.

In January 2009, as Obama strut into the oval office, he made a reckless push for a poorly constructed stimulus bill.  He boomed:

 "Only government can break the vicious cycles that are crippling our economy -- where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs which leads to even less spending; where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit."
In 2009, Obama told the nation that it was up to him to rescue the economy.  Yesterday in Chicago, it's up to the American workers.

"My message to them is: Don't bet against the American worker; don't lose faith in the American people; don't lose faith in American industry. We are coming back."

In 2009 "only government" could fix the economy.  In 2010, Obama tells the American Worker, "You're on your own."

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  1. You can't have an agenda to socialize, nationalize, redistribute wealth and at the same time expect business to flourish. One is toxic to the other.

    The economy will CONTINUE to loose jobs until the administration changes it's attitude and actions or a new administration takes office which is not anti-business.

  2. We have all heard the statement that this is by design, the lackless economy and high unemployment, due to Husseins policies and that of his spending spree.

    I really do not see how this can be denied by anyone now given the debt, deficit and the news you report here all with extreme opposition from the electorate and yet he pursues his socialist agenda full well knowing of it's destructive ramification's.

    We need a sea-change in all levels of government, the primaries thus far are promising but we need a full force on Nov. 2 to put a stopper on this regime until his succsesor is in place in 2014.


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