Video of the Day: A Tea Party is Born of Grassroots Spontaneity

by the Left Coast Rebel

In today's world this is considered an 'oldy but goody'. The Tea Party movement can prove it's grassroots heritage to this very moment with Rick Santelli on CNBC (Hat tip to Legal Insurrection) :

I wrote my first blog post on the 2009 Boston Tea Party, one month after the 'first official' Tea Party protest took place, January 24, 2009.

And my citizen-journalism at that time was much like the inception of the Tea Party movement - it was a crude, unorganized grassroots effort born out of a 'this can't be happening in America' mold and train of thought.

I simply asked, "Can we make enough noise to keep the mainstream media from talking down our efforts? Could we start a new 'Sons of Liberty Movement'?"

Today the answer is --- Yes.

Here are a few of the Tea Party gatherings that I attended and/or covered extensively:

Viva La Revolucion!

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