(VIDEO) Obama on "The View"

by the Left Coast Rebel

Obama shows up on "The View", accelerating the Oprah-ization of the Presidency, attempting a desperate cleavage-grab for his flailing numbers.

Can Obama pull off the 'aw-shucks, ladies, I feel your pain (and thighs)...' schtick of Slick Willy and reinvigorate one of the Democrat's most consistent voting blocs?

I hardly think so. For those guided by emotion - Obama comes off as cold, Spock-like and even 'otherworldly' and disconnected. Not flattering traits with the ladies, no?

Obama on "The View" making splashes with the "I wasn't invited to Chelsea's wedding" routine:

Was "The View" showing worth giving the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree the cold shoulder?

Also, Puff-Ho columnist Robbie Gennet maintains the ridiculously inane progressive-playbook-narrative byline that Glenn Beck is 'radical and dangerous' but she states something I agree with (for the opposite reasons), "Screw The View: Obama Should Appear on the Glenn Beck Show"

That would be awesome, my dear, but alas - the Emperor has no clothes.

Updated: Per Instapundit, Fox News shows that Obama has experienced a signifigant drop in the mama-grizzly constituency.


  1. I had free time, so I watched a bit. Obama put the audience to sleep. I think daytime will think twice before putting the borer in chief back on.

  2. Is it just me, or all this man really does is preach to the choir? It's not like the lesbian women aren't going to vote for or even the women vote, the most consistent behind the black vote, for the dems. The good thing for the Boy Scout, they didn't have to have their honor stained by this dishonorable disgrace.

  3. A good portion of past presidents have not attended the boy scout jamboree. You cannot argue, he is all class.


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