(Bumped) Think Progress proves the Tea Party is not racist by posting video of racists not in the Tea Party

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

H/T to Right Klik

The claims of racism in the Tea Party movement are so overblown and unsubstantiated that the best Think Progress could do to prove racism was post a video of four supposed racist Tea Partiers. Right Klik has found that of those four, two of them were not even in the Tea Parties.

Here is how Think Progress introduces the video:

ThinkProgress has produced a short video demonstrating the vile racism that has been exhibited at some Tea Party events...

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST1: He’s too black to be President.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST2: I’m a proud racist, I’m white.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST3: Afro-Leninism! Coming to you on a silver platter, Barack Hussein Obama!

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST4: Go home wetbacks!.

Below is Think Progress’s supposed footage

Racist #2 was kicked out of the Tea Party and last time I checked, if you are expelled from a group you are not usually considered part of the group. I cannot be an LA Laker just for showing up to a practice.

Racist # 4 was caught in 2006, well before the Tea Party movement was even conceived.

This smoke and mirror show coming out of Think Progress says something for the credibility of claims against the Tea Party movement. If the best the progressives can do to level a charge of racism against the Tea Party requires supplanting non-Tea Party members, then you can be sure there is more to nonsense than to sense in such claims.

If you want some real racism, that is really part of the progressive movement, then I direct you to the very real video below. Unlike Think Progress, I don’t need to manufacture evidence concerning the progressive movement.

Via Memeorandum


Racist #1 aka "Obama is too black" was not referring to Obama's skin color when you watch the video in full context.

You be the judge.


Update x2:

Think Progress made my past link to their video private, I've updated the link so that it can be viewed.

(LCR Addition to update) - Confederate Yankee is hot on the trail of these Think Progress leftist-misfits. On the alleged 'tea party racism' video being scrubbed he writes:

Merely blocking that video and replicating it elsewere doesn't do you any favors, or save you any embarrassment. Amusingly, it it indicates that you know you have a problem, but that you simply don't care to correct your lies.

I'd feel sorry for you, if you had souls.

But your offending article is still online. Your video may change locations, but is easily relinked. The more often you do it, the more obvious your panic becomes.

About the only thing you can do at this point to save face is to issue a retraction, but we know that isn't likely to happen either, is it?

That wold require humility and integrity, two character traits that have rarely burdened you.

Indeed, I wonder of George Soros thinks this is money-well-spent? Nice work, Think Progress.

LCR Update x3: A milestone - Conservative Generation gets his own Memorandum thread! Also read - Blue Collar Todd's video collage.

LCR Update x4: RightKlik screen-caps the scene of the Think Progress crime:

think progress scrub

RightKlik writes about the shot above: Screen cap from a libelous ThinkProgress video AFTER the "wetback" comment from 2006 was removed. Think Progress had originally claimed the "wetback" comment was shouted at a tea party, clearly a stupid claim, as the Tea Party did not exist until 2009.

Another screen cap from Think Progress:

think progress scrub 2

LCR Update x5: Racist #2 was kicked out of the Tea Party, now a new photo emerges that clearly shows his' infiltrator' credentials:


Also, I cropped and zoomed for Soros-trolls (read Think Progress) that can't read:


Nice work, Think Progress.

RightKlik notes that if one plays the Think Progress video at the top of this post, frame by frame, one can clearly see the signs behind racist #2 designating his unwelcomed status.

Bonus - Racist #2 reminds me of an idiot that I tagged and bagged recently at the Oceanside Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party.....

Updated x6: Sara in Italy has an awesome post up that expands upon the above, be sure to read it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this story. Very happy to see that Memeorandum has picked up this post. This kind of disgusting smear cannot go unanswered.

  2. Films that would make Leni Riefenstahl proud!

  3. ThinkProgress apparently didn't like us promoting their video, so they marked the version above as "private", blocking access to most users.

    Here's another link to the vid via Confederate Yankee:


  4. Great post Proof. The real racists, and the ones we must keep a vigilant eye on are certainly NOT the Tea Party Movement.

  5. Racist #4 has been excluded from the updated video. Looking for the original.

    Think Progress offers contrition:


    Screen cap from orignial video:


  6. Someone had used this video on me to prove the Tea Party movement is racist. These video helped in responding, thanks.

  7. When I saw the title of this article I thought it had to be sarcastic because of the obvious fallacy, but apparently the author really thinks that the existence of racists outside the Tea Party PROVES there are can't be racists in the Tea Party. I'm not saying the Tea Party is racist or not, and if Think Progress is posting misinformation then that's obviously bad, but who is really that stupid to title their article in a way that undermines their own point? Apparently "Conservative Generation" is that stupid.

  8. rkrone - Nice try. Conservative Generation pointed out that racist #4 was filmed in 2006. The Tea Party was formed in 2009.

    2009 - 2006 = 3.

    Do I need to spell it out further?

  9. If you look at the ThinkProgress vid frame by frame, you can see the signs behind racist#2 designating the infiltrator's unwelcome status.

  10. @rkrone

    The burden of proof is on ThinkProgress. ThinkProgress can't get away with declaring the Tea Party racist on the basis of flawed evidence.

    If ThPr's case against the Tea Partiers hinges on video clips of racists who are not in the Tea Party and video clips of racists who are being chased away from tea parties, their case is going to fail miserably in the court of public opinion.

    This is all a desperate attempt to change the subject from the economy, unemployment, the Gulf, Afghanistan, etc.

  11. rkrone - They do still teach reading comprehension and logic in grade school, right? I'll break it all down for you; in simple terms.

    Language is a form of communication used to convey an idea. The most important element of communication is context. The context of this post is to rebut a claim from Think Progress. Hence all the references and links in the body of my article.

    In this world you have only two choices when it concerns racism. Either you are racist or you are not. There is no other possibility.

    Now let's apply.

    Think Progress is the party that established the logic for which my title parodies. They tried to make the argument that the video discussed in both our pieces proves that "their is racism in the Tea Party Movement."

    Still with me?

    That statement uses the noun, Tea Party, which collectively describes a large group of people. Think Progress uses the adjective "racism" to describe that noun and therefore the entire group.

    I proved that their "proof" has no credibility. Thus without evidence that the Tea Party is racist, there is only one other possibility.

    If you don't like the logic, go over to Think Progress and complain to them. They established the argument not me!

    I see you like to throw your own adjectives around as loosely as Think Progress. I suggest you abstain from doing so while writing absurd comments least you become victim to your own labels.

  12. Nice job getting a thread on memeorandum, they won't even link to me anymore.

    Great scoop, too. The left will stop at nothing.

  13. Excellent Post!

    This is why Conservative blogs are so great. You have done a tremedous job exposing sites like Think Progress for the decietful dirtbags that they are. I saw the same kind of thing at a Tea Party I attended here in NYC. This guy tried to infultrate the event with a film crew and tried to proke an incident.

    Thank you so much!

    The Last Tradition

  14. "Think Progress" now there's an oxymoron...
    I've seen a video racist #2 before and I would be willing to bet he is some how involved with a union and sent out reluctantly to "try" to discredit the Tea Party.
    Those opposed to the TP have no idea what they're up against. In fact I would say that the term "grassroots" is so foreign to them that they cannot grasp it's meaning. It's origin is not divided as much by party lines as it is by those fed up with all that is wrong and the desire to see our nation prosper and those that just want to leach all that they can... IMHO... I may be wrong in this but be it known that I love freedom only one step above our nation and would without hesitation stand up against anyone who would try to take either away from us!

  15. i added on to your awesome post.



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