(PHOTO) Only in America - GM's Electic Car Volt Will Cost over $40,000.00

by the Left Coast Rebel

What do you do with a failing car company with failed ideas, inferior products, crushing union-pension 'legacy' costs and a business model that is just plain outdated?

Well you take over the company, supersede contract law, don the company Government Motors and with leftists and Obama at the helm you make things like ---


Since you are paying for it, at least it's pretty, no?

It's called the 'Volt' and it's all yours for $41,000 and $44,000 for the 'loaded' model.

It gets worse though. Not only does Obama own the Volt, Government Motors is touting the new electric car's price tag as quite a bit less than $41,000 "because a federal tax credit of $7500.00 applies to it."

So essentially you have a ludicrously overpriced 'electric' car that can go 40 miles on electric power after which gas-powered generators kick in (?!?!), is being heralded as a landmark and is bought and paid for by you and me.

Color me unexcited.

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Updated: While we're paying for it, at least the Volt gets a thumbs-up from the nation's top authoritarian:

pres volt

Updated x2: PJM's Roger Kimball asks, which of these three implausible scenarios is true:

1. The car will be available only in various shades of green (Bilious Green, Envy Green, Lettuce Green, Edamame Green etc.), thus declaring to the world that its owners are environmentally sensitive persons.

2. The radios are specially calibrated to substitute any station carrying Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or other unacceptable talk show hosts with a local NPR station, so no one who rides in an ObamaVolt need worry about second-hand pollution from racist, right-wing views.

3. Offsetting the high sticker price for what is really a glorified go-cart, the United States government, in addition to bailing out G.M., has extracted billions more from taxpayers like you and me in order to provide the suckers, er, proud buyers of the ObamaVolt with a $7,500 federal tax credit.


  1. But think how morally superior and smug you will feel driving one!

  2. Such a farce is it not?

    At $41,000 for the car, isn't a tax break really a give away to the rich?

  3. Kook - Indeed here in the People's Republic of CA that will be a selling point.

    C-Gen - Great point!

  4. I got an idea! Why not just put pins under the front, and slots in the roads! Then we can all drive them with a hand-held trigger device.

    Just don't go to fast in the corners or it will fly off the "track".

  5. Even more funny is that the car is actually fueled mostly by clean--COAL energy.

    Sure, nothing comes out of the tail pipe--until it explodes--but coal is the top fuel for power plants isn't it?

  6. Govt subsidized auto? If it's so wonderful, why do people need the Govt incentive? And it only has a range of 40 miles!

  7. Go-cart my aching rear. My go cart had a BIG Briggs & Stratton engine on it. It probably had more horse power as well. This is at best a golf cart with doors.


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