Obama ranked high in Siena poll of greatest Presidents, but well below James K Polk

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Obama Mt-Rushmore?Even the Chosen One considers it a laughing matter

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

There are two ways of looking at the recent
Siena poll which places Obama as the 15th greatest President of all time. You could look at it from the Obama gushing media perspective of right vs. left as the media will mindlessly pen. In fact, NY Daily News has already done so:

George W. Bush was no FDR, but Barack Obama could be.

That's the verdict of 238 of the nation's leading presidential scholars, who - for a fifth time - rated Franklin Delano Roosevelt the best president ever in the latest Siena College Research Institute poll.

In office for barely two years, Obama entered the survey in the 15th position - two spots behind Bill Clinton and three spots ahead of Ronald Reagan.

Obama got high marks for intelligence, ability to communicate and imagination, but his score was dragged down by his relative lack of experience and family background.

"Most of the presidents came from elite backgrounds, and he certainly did not," said professor Douglas Lonnstrom, who crunched the numbers. "He grew up without a father."

By contrast, Bush's dad was our 41st president, George H.W. Bush, who came in 22nd in the poll.

And yet, the scholars rated Dubya a dud as a president, ranking him in the bottom five at 39th place.

That's a steep drop from 23rd place, which is where Bush ranked when he entered the survey after his first year in office.

Bush got docked for saddling Obama with two bloody wars and a recession, and he got low marks for "ability to compromise, foreign policy
accomplishments and intelligence," according to the survey.

There is of course something to be said of the liberal bias in academics. Here is the case for you; 7 of the 8 Democrat Presidents over the last 100 years were in the top 16. Only Carter was left out, no surprise. What's the number of Republican Presidents from the last 100 years in the top 20? Only 2; Eisenhower at 10th and Reagan at 18th. Number of Republicans to Democrats from the last 100 years in the bottom 16? 5 to 1!

In honesty, this study is more telling of academics than of Presidents. For example, the average rating for the 8 democrat presidents over the last 100 years beat out the average rating of the 10 republican presidents over the last 100 years in every single category listed. Academics biggest beef was in the communication category where there was a 20.667 percentage point difference in the rating. The closest ranking was in background with only a 2.4 percentage point deficit. Another important beef was with Republicans court appointments, which ranked in 3rd largest desparity.

As I said, this is one way of looking at it, what is the other way? Well Mr. Obama is so great that he was ranked 3 spots below James K Polk. What? You've never heard of the great wonders of James Polk, the single term President from 1845-1849? The one who is greater than Clinton, Obama, Andrew Jackson, John Adams, and Ronald Regan? Yeah, I thought not, but hey, the smart people think he was wonderful and put him 12th. So when all the academics go touting the greatness of Barak Obama and how his face ought to be carved on Mount Rushmore, don't forget to remind them how stunningly more successful was the Presidency of James K Polk.

Obama also just barely beat out Lyndon Johnson, also a stunningly successful President?



  1. So then this poll has as much credibility as the Huffington post...
    Do these idiots have any idea what FDR did? Like Executive Order 6102? Gold confiscation...
    So it seems their idea of a great president is one that is able to rob Americans of freedom and liberty. In broad daylight no less... Birdcage fodder...

  2. This was a list of Presidental rankings? Other than Lincoln, I thought this was a list of the biggest moonbats to reside in the White House.


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