Next Stop on the San Francisco Nanny State Trolley, Ban on Sale of all Pets Except Fish

by the Left Coast Rebel

San Francisco, it's a beautiful place, right?

Well perhaps, but beneath the underbelly (of the cat, fish, dog or Gaia worshipper) is a sensibility and ideology that is perhaps the nation's clearest clarion call in the fight against a nanny state gone wild (refer to my 'sugary drinks ban' post for more on this).

Exhibit a) for just today, an impending San-Fran-wacko commission vote tonight:

If the commission approves the ordinance at its meeting tonight, San Francisco could soon have what is believed to be the country's first ban on the sale of all pets except fish.

That includes dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, lizards and nearly every other critter, or, as the commission calls them, companion animals.

Perhaps you could think of San-Fran also as the birthplace of a new liberal-kookstick interest group, the Anti-Pet-Lobby. Absurd-sounding? Not so fast. In typical liberal/progressive-collectivist fashion, they try to gently reel us in with an 'it's all for the children' (or, rather, hamsters) sales pitch:

The real problem, .... is hamsters.

People buy the high-strung, nocturnal rodents because they're under the temporary impression that hamsters are cute and cuddly. But the new owners quickly learn that hamsters are, in fact, prone to biting, gnawing through expensive wiring and maniacally racing on their exercise wheels at 2 a.m.

So the animals end up at the shelter. Just about every species has its own rescue group in San Francisco, but no one seems to want hamsters. Hamsters are the No. 1 animal euthanized at the city's shelter, said San Francisco Animal Care and Control director Rebecca Katz.

Can you imagine such lunacy? Like I said in the previous San Franciso post, my mind and heart hearkens back to a time in our nation when such absurdities as above were not only not the norm but nonexistent.

Have we lost our minds? Or is it simply the government-urban liberal/government/media/university complex that has?

Is America still basically good?

I wonder if this little fella(s) would be 'illegal' in the new Orwellian America?


AllAmericanBlogger notes the inherent lunacy in the San-Fran-Ban and simply asks, "Can I buy an Oscar or Pirana?"


  1. Nothing personal LCR, but the heck is wrong with you people out there? I live in very liberal area, I would go as far as to use the word progressive to describe the people in Northern Virginia, but they are nothing compared the nuts out in California.

  2. Don't you mean "animal slaves?"

    What could possibly be more cruel than confining an aquatic creature to a small space so it must constantly inhale its own fecal matter?

  3. It is crazy junk like this that really makes me wonder if we can remain a union of 50 states. When the difference between the sane and the crazy is such a wide gulf, I start to get worried.

  4. Could just reflect a shortage of pooper scoopers, since they have to clean up after all the winos and bums on the streets?

  5. Is there a pet tax on the horizon?

  6. All civilizations do eventually end and ours is no different, now everyone back to the cave..........

  7. Lady di and JACG have things summed up here!

  8. Since the Bay Area are such a bunch of sofa revolutionaries I hope the pets get wind of this and stage a coup first... then rip these lib slush-heads limb from limb, would do them some good to learn the laws of the jungle for once

    Linked at RR today-

  9. it really makes me ill, which is why after 11 years I have decided I can no longer take it and am getting the hell out.

    I don't need the Board of Supervisors to start telling me I can't eat Fritos or smoke Camels if I want to. And I am taking my San Francisco pet store hamster with me TYVM


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