Militant 'Brown Beret, Latino KKK' Confront Pro-Arizona Immigration Law Tea Partiers in Anaheim, California

by the Left Coast Rebel

Can you imagine if a Tea Party group displayed this kind of vile, racist militancy? Imagine how the main stream press would jump all over themselves to cover it.

Greatest moments from the 'brown beret' woman - Brown power, go back to Europe, Nazis, this is America, you are too white to be American:

Los Angeles is a filthy, rotting third-world hell-hole where this kind of disgusting, Marxist race-centric militancy is all-too-common. Wake up America.

Gateway Pundit has more here.


  1. You know,we have examples in this country of what works and what doesn't. California is a beautiful state blessed with natural resources and liberal experimentation has wrecked it. Same with Michigan.

    It must take great effort for a liberal to ignore the obvious.

    And you are right on, the are the Latino KKK.

  2. Adolf would be smiling with great pride! The latino version of brown shirts....
    Is she aware that Spain is part of Europe? Most likely she is in denial of that too...

  3. It's like a bad SNL skit. Unfortunately it's real.

  4. Racism is the worst and most despicable form of racism. These idiots are a perfect example of vile, overt, militant racism.

    The picture has certainly grown bleaker since 2009. I am fearful of how it will end.

  5. this women is not a member of the real brown berets . Its shame what this lady does in our uniform .


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