Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi: Draining the Swamp?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Charlie Rangel may face an ethics trial, after all (CBS):
But even for Democrats, totally covering up Congressman Rangel's tracks would have been impossible. What they wanted was a deal, for Rangel to admit wrongdoing to some things to avoid a public trial right before the election. They -- the Democrats -- thought they had it.

"We've presented by the investigative subcommittee with 13 very serious allegations relating to Mr. Rangel's conduct," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas).

But 13 was too big a number to let Congressman Rangel admit to two or three and even though staff lawyers had hammered about an agreement with Rangel's lawyers, the Republican congressmen said no way. They wanted Rangel to cop to all 13, which they knew he wouldn't, or face a public trial during election season, which would certainly help them try to wrench control of the House back to their party.
No Sheeples Here points to the fact that the Rangel trial would be held in September, after the summer recess. I'm sure that you can do the election-math in that case. Let's hope it works out that way. Sheeples also provides a hit-list of alleged Rangel wrongdoings and an awesome Pelosi-related, 'draining the swamp' (to compliment the 'swamp thing' graphic above) Youtube video:

Exit question - why does a powerful congressman face 'ethics violations' when a normal American would be facing much worse - if not jail time?

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