Brief look at my Possible Daily Caller Piece


by the Left Coast Rebel

Dear Reader - I apologize for the sparse content today but I have an extremely valid excuse. Upon arriving home earlier today I began to work (rather spontaneously) on another Daily Caller op-ed. I think it is actually quite better than the last one and I hope you think so, too. We'll see if it fits the editorial-fancy of the DC people behind the scenes (or curtain, as it were) and they publish it.

Either way it's about Barney Frank and the ruling class, here's an excerpt of what I submitted:

From California to New York State, Arizona’s illegal immigration law has been making headlines. In what is perhaps a last ditch effort, the state chose to enforce border security and stop criminality that comes with undocumented immigrants.

But last Friday residents thousands of miles away in New York witnessed something similar but quite different - an aggravated, disheveled, undocumented senior citizen.

70 year old Representative Barney Frank, (D-MA) was heading out to New York’s Fire Island. The New York Post reported that the Massachusetts Congressman failed to contain his exasperation when a ticket clerk at the local dock rejected his request for a $1 discount ferry fare to the island. Frank did not possess the necessary Suffolk County Senior Citizens ID to take part. Something quite fascinating then unfolded.

Does that have your attention? Hope so and I will relate soon if this piece is published at the Daily Caller. Also, I was humbled by how many fellow bloggers and readers linked and promoted my previous piece - you guys are awesome!

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. What Makes Us Right - I appreciate your support, I'll get you the Blog of the week spot next week!

  2. Barney is too much. Makes you wonder about the people who put him in office.

  3. Gleefully waiting on the edge of my seat! I can't stand this pathetic Elmer Fudd impersonator!


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