Video of Highlights from Isner/Mahut match and Live Blogging! Why I love watching tennis: the Isner/Mahut epic battle

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11:28: 66 games all and I'll need to conclude live blogging for now. Honestly, I didn't think that it would continue this long, but at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if we were at Wimbledon finals and still waiting for this match to finish.

11:19: 65 to 64 Isner with Mahut to serve. No sign of an end!

11:06: 63 to 62 with Mahut to serve. No breakpoints yet and about 30 minutes into today's play.

10:58: 62 to 61 Isner with Mahut to sever. Neither player has had an close calls on serve.

10:51: John Isner holds serve 61-60. No this match is never ever going to end.

10:49: Once ace for Mahut and he holds his serve. Tied up again at 60-60.

10:46: Isner holds his serve 60-59 Isner leads with Mahut to serve

10:45 EST: Duece one ace and one double fault from Isner

10:43 EST: Match to start John Isner to serve first. Double fault on first point

Live Blogging the match with Conservative Generation

10:37 EST: Isner and Mahut are practicing while the crowd begins a quick chant of "We Want More!"

10:34 EST: Players have entered the court and the crowd is excited

10:26 EST: Looks like the match will begin at about 10:30. ESPNU is covering the early rounds of Wimbledon in the US.

I'm listening on Wimbledon radio for those that want to stream.

If you value your manliness or your social status, then you would be wise to follow the World Cup as it progresses.  I on the other hand am a huge fan of tennis.  I've always been discouraged by the lack of interest in the US for tennis.  For me, Wimbledon, Australian Open and the US Open (Sorry, I hate the French Open, clay court tennis is so boring) are my Superbowls.

I love tennis for so many reasons.  It is because the tournament structure mirrors NCAA March Madness, the player's physical/mental requirements are akin to an NFL quarterback, the match play is much like watching the Olympics as individual athletes battle to prove their superiority over a large field of professional athletes, and the storylines, finesse, and problem solving is much like watching the golfers playing at Augusta.  Tennis has a little something for everyone.  

Tennis is also particularly unique in that epic battles don't just end in a few hours, quite literally, they can last forever.  That is because in men's tennis you have to win by two games.  Thus is the case of the epic first round battle at Wimbledon between Frenchman Nicolas Mahut and American John Isner who will begin their third day of tennis against each other in a match that just won't end.  For non-tennis enthusiasts, a 5 hour tennis match is considered really, really long, but this match has exceeded 10 hours of play so far.

Below is an excerpt from the Guardian live blogging the end of yesterday's installment of the match:

No. It's not. At least not just yet. An exhausted Isner is serving to make it 59-58. An exhausted Mahut runs for a volley and falls flat on his face. An exhausted umpire calls the score in a dreadful, reedy croak. An exhausted Isner takes the game. It's 59-58.

9.10pm: Is it over? It is not over. For a brief moment back then, I thought it was over. Isner clambers to match point on Mahut's serve. Mahut steps forward and saves it with his 95th ace. It's 59-59.

Mahut wants to come off now; the light is almost gone. But the official orders the pair to play two more games. "We want more! We want more!" chant the survivors on Court 18. I'm taking this as proof that they have gone insane.

9.12pm: Mahut prevails! Mahut wins! This is not to say he wins the match, of course. Nobody is winning this match; not now and not ever. But he prevails in his complaint and his wish is granted. Play is suspended. They will come back tomorrow and duke it out all over again. The scoreboard will be re-set at 0-0 first set and Isner and Mahut will take it from there.

OK, so they won't do that, exactly. Instead, they will pick it up where they left off, at 59-59 in the final set. Apparently the last set of this match has now lasted longer than any match in tennis history. Can this really be true? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

Today, the match will resume for a record breaking third day.  The match is scheduled for 2:30pm Greenwich Mean Time on court 18 and are currently waiting for the resolution of the Women's Pennetta/Niculescu match.  I'll be listening to the festivities on Wimbledon radio!

Below is just a small taste of the glory resulting from this epic battle.

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  1. That's crazy.
    I had a baseball game go five hours once when I was in high school, but we got to sit down part of the time! Even so, by the time it finally ended at 1:00 AM, we were all staggering around half delirious.


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