"We Con the World" Removed From You Tube

by Proof

So here, courtesy of The Jawa Report, is an encore of the video in case you missed it!

Cross posted at Proof Positive

Update: It appears that, even though the original was taken down, a number of people have posted copies on You Tube. This video will not go gentle into that good night! (Or gentile, for that matter!)


  1. I'd LMAO if it wasn't so true!! Thanks for posting this.

  2. It's on eyeblast too. It's pretty funny that had to hit so many phony nerves.

  3. Hey, LCR, you might want to rethink monetizing your blog. There's a Boxer ad right down there..and these keep showing up from time to time.

    I know it's random, but I thought I'd mention it.


  4. Man, that was truly funny and true at the same time. I laughed my ass off. The fact it was pulled tells us a lot though.

  5. There are apparently still copies of the video on You Tube, even though it was removed at its source. No telling if all the copies will survive.


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