Unjustifiable media backlash at Republicans: Guess the Democrats just did something that they need to blame someone else for

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

For the liberal media, it is all about wagging the dog and not intellectual honesty. Forget the fact, that Democrats just spent $1 trillion dollars in massive tax increases and looting Medicare for health care reform instead of the economy. Forget the fact that Democrats spent $1 trillion on a stimulus bill for government bailouts. Forget the fact that Democrats hope to push an economy killing cap and trade legislation. Forget that the only thing Democrats needed to do to pass the recently defeated "jobs bill" was to find funding by cutting existing programs or creating new revenue streams. If you can do all that, then check your brain at the door and welcome to the mindset of the liberal media pundits.

Today, a vote in the Senate to pass a hodgepodge of spending fixes meant to keep the bottom from falling out of the Democrats economic policies was defeated in the Senate by bipartisan opposition. The idea was that the bill would be the last piece of duct tape to help plug the leaking democrat economy before the elections.

Of course our favorite chattering media head, Steve Benen was whining like a child whose ice cream just slipped off the cone and splattered onto the pavement:

".... For weeks, Senate Democrats have tried to pass what's called the "tax-extenders bill" -- a key economic package that extends unemployment benefits, maintains popular tax breaks, protects doctors from Medicare cuts, and boosts state aid to prevent massive job layoffs in the states. The country needs this bill to pass, but Republicans won't let it come up for a vote…

…It's unpleasant to think about, and I really hope it's not true, but it may be time for a discussion about whether GOP lawmakers are trying to deliberately sabotage the economy to help their midterm election strategy. After all, these same Republicans have supported deficit-financed tax-extenders before -- there's no credible reason to change course now. On the contrary, with the economy struggling to break through, the need for this package is more obvious, not less, if your goal is to actually improve economic conditions."

All of this of course is nothing more than hyperbole and a smoke signal to liberal talking heads everywhere to start talking about how Republicans don't like doctors, the unemployed, teachers, babies, puppies, and ewoks. In truth, Benen and the Democrats are scared; it is like a junky realizing that they are heading to rehab and they know they will not be able to prop themselves up on their vices anymore.


You see, Democrats are going to have to answer why they didn't fix Medicare reimbursement rates when they passed health care reform; they would have preferred passing a 6 month fix set to expire after the elections. Democrats will need to answer why their massive stimulus bill failed to stimulate employment as was promised; they'd rather keep the unemployed sedated by extending benefits. Democrats will need to answer why after spending trillions upon trillions of dollars over the last 18 months, they passed a health care bill that doesn't start until 2014 instead of using the money to keep teachers employed.

Over the last 18 months Americans have had one crisis after another and well Democrats, the party of "Yes," promised that they had the answers, only their solutions didn't actually solve the problems. So, in the absence of anything productive to argue, they fall back to the same argument that expired two years ago: "it's the Republican's fault."

It's not going to work, which is why Steve Benen could not come up with any better demagoguery than "GOP lawmakers are trying to deliberately sabotage the economy to help their midterm election strategy." He knows that the Democrats are about to be held responsible and instead of realizing that the country is merely reaping the unpleasant reality of socialistic policies, he'd rather join the certifiable lunatics by offering a conspiracy.

Time to don your tinfoil hat Steve!

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  1. Desperation can drive people to weird extremes.

  2. Steve Benen is a total clown hack. Or should I say- for the only guy who uses all capitalized letters in his memeorandum headings to draw attention to himself- STEVE BENEN IS A TOTAL CLOWN HACK.

    Sorry Benen, the Dems are in the majority- stop trying to blame others for your problems.

  3. LA - You can say that again

    AG - LOL. Benen is only published because other liberal media hacks like him. I cannot find a single topic that Benen isn't completely wrong about, but it makes the left feel warm and fuzzy.

  4. Sounds more like Steve Benen gave a commentary rather than report a story... Or did he miss his calling as an economist?

  5. Excellent and well said! The only Americans not realizing the truth of what you write, are the very Americans on the Socialist Take. The rest of us have already figured out the the w*ore* we have in the Whitehouse are merely a smybol of a idealogical group who cannot pull up their pants/panties without "donantions" from the rest of Americans. Repubs better sieze the moment, regroup, rethink and come out swingin (Palin!)

  6. The unavoidable fact is that Republicans blocked a bill to help the unemployed. Unemployment in this country is due to 8 years of Republican rule. We'll see how this hatred of the American working class washes out in the mid-term elections.

  7. @ John - Nice hyperbole!

    If you had read my piece and not checked your brain at the door you would realize how ridiculous you sound.


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