Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement: Ellin Nordegren Nets Cool $750 Million

by the Left Coast Rebel

Today's Tiger Woods divorce settlement news is a fitting close to the sordid tale of a man's public image that proved to be a historic charade. Reaganite just brought reader's attention to the conclusion:

deserves every penny- perhaps the Tiger Woods divorce will have a deterrent effect on other disloyal celebrity scumbags who's ego's take over and think they can treat those who love and count on them like yesterday's garbage.

As Reaganite notes, the Tiger Woods divorce settlement comes down to two simple concepts - keep the kids away from your floozies (or vice versa) and money, money, money:

Tiger Woods is banned from letting girlfriends near his kids in a divorce deal netting his ex a record $750 million settlement, The Sun reported Wednesday.

The golfer agreed to keep single women away from daughter Sam, three, and son Charlie, one.

He can bring a new flame into their lives only if he marries her. In return, former wife Elin Nordegren ,30, gets the biggest payout ever seen in a celebrity divorce.

But she can never publicly speak out over his alleged flings with socialite Rachel Uchitel, reality star Jaimee Grubbs, porn queen Joslyn James and up to 17 others.

Good for her. Let that be a lesson to you men out there (especially super-wealthy celeb-types) - infidelity has ugly consequences, including financial.

Read more at Reaganite.


  1. She got much more than she originally sought. That plus the gag order leads me to believe Elin has much more damaging dirt.

  2. Do you think it's too soon to give her a call?

  3. too late Nickie, we are going out next week

  4. Why would anyone want that overrated gold digger? I'm all for cheaters getting socked, but if the roles were reverse, you think Tiger would see one red cent? I can't have much sympathy for Tiger over this, but there are women who do far worse than what Tiger has done and they get rewarded for it. Make things fair and consistant and I would have sympathy for Elin, but as of now, with 750 million, she's being more than fairly compensated for him humiliating her and breaching his vows. Turns out those hookers he boinked will be the most expensive in world history.

  5. My initial thought was that she is probably a gold digger. Regardless, what did Elin Nordgren do wrong? Did Tiger make any effort to prevent his financial demise? Will he miss the money or his marriage? Those poor rich people....

  6. Thanks Rebel- linked at RR as well

    Happy 4th to you and yours...

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