This Individual Has The Courage Of A Giant

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The lone Israeli supporter that carries the flag of Israel alone through an angry and misguided mob of liberals and anti Semites deserves the Badge of Courage for standing up for his values, and the values shared by Israelis who face the threat of  Islamic terrorism daily.

He also represents the values of a majority of Americans. America witnessed destruction and loss of life at the hands of Islamic extremists so we should understand Israel's position in the hot bed of Islamic radicalism in the Middle East. They must take extraordinary security precautions to insure their citizens safety. Indeed their very survival. There actions this week were warranted and justified based on their security concerns.

Note the remarks by the women at the end of the video. This woman's statement sums up the goals of  many Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and other radical Islamic terror groups and nations bent on destroying the democratic state of Israel.

h/t: The right scoop for the video

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  1. I am totally objective on this subject. And in this video as in many others, I see those opposed to Israel giving an aggressive posture. When you hear arguing going on, most of the time, the louder side is more often wrong...
    I have often said that the Arabic people tend to lose credibility by their actions...


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