Rush Limbaugh Married Again and Elton John Performs?

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I am sure you have heard, Rush Limbaugh was wed (again) yesterday. The roster perhaps shows what kind of conservative he is these days and otherwise - James Carville, Mary Matalin, Guliani, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove were among the 400 in attendance at the Breakers, Palm Beach wedding. Gawker gawked and gushed over the a.m. talker's 4th marriage with a reader contest in which the winning caption would be flown over Rush's wedding:


Those who live in glass houses can afford to throw stones. The last time I checked, Limbaugh didn't claim to be an authoritative source on successful marriage (s). Nevertheless his (new) wife (1 year my younger) Kathryn Rogers, is quite beautiful:


She's also a direct descendant of Founding Father John Adams. So good for him, lucky guy, congrats and so on.

Far-lefties could hardly contain their disgust with gay entertainment icon Elton John for 'performing' at Rush Limbaugh's fourth wedding, which is, of course - oh so predictable. Doug Powers blogging at Malkin notes that which brings Elton John and conservative talker-icon Rush Limbaugh together. It's called capitalism:

Without capitalism, Elton wouldn’t have performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and Rush wouldn’t have been in the position to pay that much for the evening’s entertainment. Capitalism: It can bring people from all walks of life together.

I congratulate Rush and Kathryn, and also tip my Detroit Tigers cap to Elton John for performing at the wedding, because he’s got to know he’s going to take some heat for this in his left-leaning, artsy, environmentalist, gay-activist circle of pals — most of whom would gladly accept a million bucks from George W. Bush to tap dance on a floor made of California Redwood and elephant tusk or take whacks at a piñata in the likeness of Harvey Milk that Roger Ailes stuffed with cash. But they’d never admit it.

Discussion over at Memeorandum. Cross-posted to ProofPositive.

UPDATED: As the Left Coast Rebel grows and takes on likely compatriots, synergies start to form. Synergistic Proof writes:
I think your piece on Rush is a perfect example of the kind of synergy we're looking for. It was well written, and had a picture of a pretty girl (always helps), I read it every word and felt compelled to comment on it. I enjoyed it, I think my readers will enjoy it...and I never would have written it myself in a million years! Had I merely seen the link, I probably would have passed on it, but since it was right there in front of me to read, I read it. Hopefully that will continue to work both ways...
To synergy! Thanks to Rational Nation, Proof and Conservative Generation.....


  1. Wow, thanks for the great news and -- yes -- she is a hottie!

    ..who'da thunk it, LCR, Elton John +1,000 and Paul "Change my Depends" McCartney -1,000 in one week.

    It can now be proclaimed: Elton John's version of "Pin Ball Wizard" is now TWP's favorite.

  2. Thanks LCR, this one made me chuckle...

  3. Just had another thought... Elton got some cash and all Paul got was that dumb plaque thingy...

  4. Just shows how much more genereous conservates are to the point they'll pay for a talented, though politically opposite, musican. I wonder if "sir" paul is done kicking himself with the T-shirt saying, "I performed for Obmama and all I got was this lousy Plaque"?

  5. John +1. Link forthcoming.


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