Quote of the Weekend: Anti-Republican Culture

by the Left Coast Rebel

Howard Towt enlightens us, blogging from the Centennial State:

Contrast the Republican concept of a special place called America (with The Constitution as its defining document) against the idea of America as an abstraction; a transient anomaly in a world destined for some type of elite centralization.

It’s sad to see the idea of world domination never losing its luster. It is a recurring theme in political movements, where a greater “good” always allows the current transgressions to be accommodated.

In the last ten years, our attention has been drawn to affairs of the Middle East. We have seen the power of combining politics with religious zeal, and observe the daily evidence of death being legitimized. We watch a political/religious movement (the “Religion of Peace”) maintain its power by teaching people to hate, and see vestiges of that sentiment in our anti-Republican culture.

Godspeed and continued healing, Howard. As they say - read the rest here.

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