Press criticizes Obama on Romanoff/Sestak bribes which equals no hope and change coming our way in 2012

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

Having uncovered Obama's way with the Chicago Way years prior, there is an angle in the recent media criticism over Romanoff and Sestak that we conservatives will easily overlook. For us, we are merely elated that the lapdog media is at least pricking its ears up at these Obama scandals. It's a sign that people are waking up to the President's modis operandi. But, it's much more than an awakening; it is a tattooing of our thug-in-chief; a rebranding if you will. The general public is now seeing that Obama isn't a victim who was corrupted by the Washington political machine, Obama is the Washington political machine.

The 2008 election left many of us wondering how Obama, with little more than a 15 minute career spanning 15 years after college could ever have been elected President. The answer is that the electorate, both right and left, was aching for a political outsider and though many of you weren't fooled on this point with Obama, still millions were. It's this naïveté that prompted Obama supporters to chant "hope and change."

Now two senatorial candidates are shaping their campaigns in an interesting way. Both Sestak and Romanoff are campaigning as political outsiders by arguing that they are fighting the Washington political machine, Obama. I'm sure you are lost in the gravity of this truth, but understand this; many in this country didn't see Obama as the Washington political machine. However, backroom deals on health care and now Sestak and Romanoff are presenting a new brand of Obama to the general public.

The Politico writes:

Taken together, the Sestak and Romanoff cases suggest a White House team that is one part Dick Daley, one part Barney Fife.

They undercut Obama's reputation on two fronts. Trying to put the fix in to deny Democratic voters the chance to choose for themselves who their Senate nominees should be is hardly consistent with the idea of "Yes, we can" grass-roots empowerment that is central to Obama's brand.

And bungling that fix is at odds with the Obama team's image — built around the likes of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Obama himself — as shrewd political operatives who know the game and always win it.

What is most paramount about Romanoff and Sestak's branding of Obama as the Washington machine is that it is working. This, my friends, is the end of hope-and-change and it'll be democrats that continue to stoke the flames.

For example:

In Colorado, Tim Knaus, a former two-time state Democratic chairman, said that while negotiating jobs with potential candidates is nothing new in politics, the White House made tactical errors in its overt approach to Romanoff.

Oops! I hope Tim Knaus didn't just say that Obama was your standard political hack practicing his invented, elitist right to circumvent the American voters and that his big mistake is that he didn't cover it up very well. The more the apologists apologize the worse it will be.

So the real question for 2012 will become, if no one believes Obama's "hope and change" rhetoric, what is he going to run on and how will a president who is still diluted in his belief he is a great communicator, change his favorite campaign alter ego?

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