Next Anti-Free Speech Obama Move:

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another infringement-Obamanation, another day. Reaganite explains what is going on in a great post:

Naked Authors

Obviously, the last thing a statist control-freak like Barack Obama needs is an all-out, open competition on the web for the many readers now leaving the MSM in droves... then have them wind-up reading some reactionary, anti-progressive rag like Brietbart or the Reaganite Republican. Seriously bloggers, your First Amendment rights are coming under pressure from the Bolshevik Boy Wonder yet again... this in today's New York Post:
In a just-released "staff discussion draft" of "potential policy recommendations to support the reinvention of journalism," the agency (FTC) only circles its wagons around old newspapers and their fading business models.

If the FTC wants to reinvent journalism, perhaps it should align with news' disruptors. But there's none of that in this report. The word blog is used but once in 35 pages of text--and then only in a parenthetical mention of soccer blogs. Discussion of investing in technology comes on the last page in a suggestion about tools for "improved electronic note-taking."
Bolshevik Boy Wonder, doesn't that just about say it all? As a member of the alternative media I can say that this issue of free speech abridgement may be one of the most serious yet. This is just a teaser, be sure to read the rest here.

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