More Obama Indoctrination? "I am an Obama Scholar" Chant Part of the Ficklin Media Group's "Obama Initiative"

by the Left Coast Rebel

More Obama indoctrination? Via Memeorandum - this is really sad. I atually liked what I was hearing until 1:00:

Gateway Pundit has brought this video to everyone's attention and has the transcript of the ''I am an Obama Scholar" section above. Please visit Gateway Pundit for the best introduction.

Details seemed to be elusive on the video above. First off I found that it is being distributed by a man named Tom Ficklin (on his Youtube channel).

From there I actually found Tom Ficklin's blog and his company - The FICKLIN MEDIA GROUP, LLC. The video above from Gateway Pundit is part of Tom Ficklin's "Obama Initiative" as seen from this screen shot:

ficklin 1

And Part 2 in the "Obama Initiative" series:


Part two video of the "Obama Initiative":

Tom Ficklin's blog runs the gamut of typical progressive-statist, race-centric stuff from the black-liberal perspective. He links to Democracy Now!, Oliver Stone's "South of the Border".... - I think it is obvious where he is coming from. Then again, he's probably not much different than the average NYT writer.

Apparently Tom Ficklin is from the New Haven, Connecicut area. The "Obama Initiative" series was filmed at Lincoln-basset School (PK-8) in the New Haven, Connecticut area. Per PublicSchoolReview, Lincoln-basset School is 96% black as well.

Moving along I found Tom Ficklin on Facebook. As you will note, I found that he lists the "Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party" as his "Political Views":

ficklin 3

Here's a little background on the "Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party" per Wikipedia:
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) was an American political party created in the state of Mississippi in 1964, during the civil rights movement. It was organized by black and white Mississippians, with assistance from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), to challenge the legitimacy of the white-only US Democratic Party.
So in conclusion (until/if Conservative Generation updates), I can certainly say that Tom Ficklin wears his far-left liberalism on his sleave. He is certainly bold enough to call his program the "Obama Initiative." Just how far he takes his ideology with children remains to be seen. We have a small window into just that with the videos and information above.

The question remains - why is he allowed to propagandize children in taxpayer-funded public schools?

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  1. I think this has some positive merit. I believe it could be just what is needed for many inner city problems. But as for the part of indoctrination... Clearly wrong when done at the expense of tax money. Do we want to teach children to think or think as we want them to think? I can tell someone what I think and why I think that, but why would I want to tell them how to think? Wouldn't that limit their capabilities?
    I think, it would do far better to tell these young men about the mistakes Obama has made and the impact it may have for the chance of another Black man being elected to the Presidency. Isn't that what the book was about? "The black president Syndrome"....


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