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by the Left Coast Rebel

Last night Tea Party favored Sharron Angle won the GOP primary for the run against Harry Reid in Nevada. I don't know much about Angle but assume that if Tea Partiers support her, I probably do too. It wasn't even close last night:

With 59 of precincts reporting, Angle won 39 percent of the vote. Her Republican challengers, former state lawmaker Sue Lowden and real estate owner Danny Tarkanian, secured 28 and 23 percent of the vote, respectively.
Some are calling Sharron Angle's victory the biggest for the Tea Party since Rand Paul won his primary in Kentucky. The D.C. pundits are gearing up for a giant smear campaign against Sharron Angle, an attempt to paint her 'far outside of the mainstream' in cahoots with the Harry Reid campaign. As Greg Sargent explains:

Harry Reid's political operation in Nevada is quietly assembling a battle plan to take on Tea Partyer Sharron Angle in the general election, presuming she beats Sue Lowden in today's GOP primary.

The strategy: Use her own words to paint her as, well, a complete whackjob. Sound familiar? That's what ground up Lowden in the wake of the chickens-for-checkups gaffe.

Chickens for checkups? Greg Sargent then parrots what the Harry Reid camp will presumably use in their 'Angle is a whackjob' campaign and then delightedly runs with the ball himself. Leftist sites TPMDC is ahead of the Reid smear-curve as well, highlighting Sharron Angle's support of the Oath Keepers group among other things.

Essentially this is just what they did with Rand Paul but on a smaller scale. Could this perhaps be because this woman is a clear and present danger to the establishment? As a service to you here are some basics on Sharron Angle per Wikipedia:

Sharron Elaine Angle (born July 26, 1949) is an American politician who served as a Republican member of the Nevada Assembly from 1999 to 2005. She is the 2010 Republican nominee for the United States Senate seat held by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Angle was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon but moved to Reno, Nevada when she was 3 years old. Her father is a Navy veteran of World War II and served in the Navy Reserve during the Korean War. Angle attended public school in Reno and later obtained a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Nevada. She married her husband Ted during her senior year of college in 1970, with whom she has two children and ten grandchildren. After graduating from college, Angle, a Southern Baptist Christian, worked as a substitute teacher for 25 years, ran a small Christian school for two years, and taught for five years at Western Nevada Community College.
Here is perhaps what the establishment is afraid of. Dr. No of Nevada? A strong anti-tax fighter?
During her time in the assembly, she voted "no" so frequently on matters of wide consensus that votes were often called as "41-to-Angle."
In 2003, Angle hired John Eastman of The Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank to fight the Supreme court decision when then Governor Kenny Guinn sued the Legislature to nullify the state constitution and allow a simple majority of the legislature to pass an $836 million tax increase in Angle v Guinn Angle used her personal funds to defend the Nevada Constitutional 2/3 vote requirement to raise taxes. Angle with Eastman took this case to Federal District Court in Nevada which referred it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and finally to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Legislature subsequently passed the $836 million tax increase in defiance of the state constitution. Angle ultimately prevailed. In 2006, the state supreme court reversed its decision restoring the Nevada Constitutional 2/3 provision.

In 2005, Angle was the sole vote against a bill that split the property tax abatement by applying a 3% rate to residential and 8% rate to commercial property. Angle claims that she voted no because the Nevada Constitution states that taxation must be uniform and equal and so could not vote against her oath of office to which she swore to "uphold and defend the Constitution".

Knowing these basics on Sharron Angle may make the Harry Reid/press smear campaign make a lot more sense. They have chicken for checkups and 'ties' to the Oath Keepers. We have a tax fighter that perhaps can stand up to the radical statist Democrat agenda.

Stay posted here at the Left Coast Rebel for more information on Sharron Angle. Go to her website to learn more or donate here. My San Diego compatriot Roger Hedgecock interviewed Sharron Angle a bit back. The audio is poor but it's worth a watch:

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  1. Thanks Roger for this great interview. Sharron did indeed introduce the "Nevada Homeschool Freedom" bill written by Nevada Homeschool Network and worked with us to usher that bill through the 2007 Nevada Legislature. Nevada homeschoolers are most thankful to Sharron and Senator Maurice Washington for their dedication to homeschool freedom. Nevada now has one of the best homeschool laws in the nation thanks to Sharron Angle.


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