Massive PR Blitz Coming for Obamacare:Three Months of Links Americans Need to Read

by Conservative Generation for the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor's note: C-Gen has been busy gathering links on the insidious 2,000+ page 'health care reform' bill that passed in March. The following is an excellent 'link-fest' and resource perhaps on the case for repeal. Please email this, tweet it and make it go viral.)

Two weeks be
fore the House voted and passed Obama’s massive health care overhaul, Nancy Pelosi stepped to the microphone and urged voters to support the bill. She exclaimed with conviction that,

“we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”
It is certainly true that combing through thousands of pages of legislation in only a matter of days is difficult to properly analyze. Although prudence required thorough thought and examination to such complex, sweeping legislation, our Democrat controlled congress steam rolled a partisan vote to push the health care legislation into law. It has been nearly three months after the legislation was passed and therefore by Nancy Pelosi’s own admission, we should have a very good idea “what is in it.”

With the elections coming in November, Obama and the Democrats are planning a massive PR campaign to tout all the wonderful benefits of the recently passed health care legislation. Despite the fact that the administration has failed to connect with voters for over a year now, Obama is confident, because this time they are armed with real tangible benefits resulting from the legislation. These benefits are being implemented as we speak, ahead of schedule.

The two big benefits that Democrats are championing are:

* Children as old as 26 must be covered under their parents

* A whopping $250 check to Medicare recipients for drug benefits.

Politics is not without irony - the Republicans tried the very same thing the spring before they were voted out of office in 2008.

There is only one major flaw to their PR plans; they passed a lousy bill. The last time the Obama administration decided to do a PR campaign for poor legislation, Obama’s stimulus was attacked because they couldn’t hide the padding of the jobs “saved and created” on their website. The immutable truth is that good legislation needs no PR.

Health Care PR is just a sign of disconnect regarding what they hoped their bill would do and what their bill actually does. So, President Obama can talk up a $250 rebate check all he wants, the public doesn’t have to look too far to see the negatives, but just in case they do, below is a Instapundit- inspired taste of what has been published in the media on the Health Care bill passed in March.

Here is how great the Health care bill is for consumers:

* Patients confused about the new health care law

* Didn’t anyone in congress notice that there was already a doctor shortage?

* Get ready for the Medicare Advantage cuts

* Large companies encouraged by health care law to drop employer coverage

* One million low-income employees to get booted from their plans

* Government staffers kicked off their health care plans

* You will need a prescription to buy Tylenol on your FSA

Here is how great the Health care bill is for health care providers:

* Plans for 24 new physician-owned hospitals canceled

* Doctors may be forced to drop Medicare patients, because the Democrats dropped the doctor fix from health care reform for political purposes and now they’ve missed the deadline to stave off huge draconian Medicare reimbursement cuts 10 days ago. Meanwhile, congress went on vacation.

* In fact, Texas doctors are already dropping Medicare

* Reimbursements to hospitals that treat the uninsured will get government reimbursement rates cut

How about how wonderful the health care law is for companies:

* AT&T books a billion in health care loses

* $970 million loss to Verizon

* Lockheed and Boeing take $250 million combined

* John Deere takes $150 million loss

* Health care costs Caterpillar $100 million

* 3M has $90 million hit

* PPG records $85 million

* AK Steele takes $30 Million loss

* $20 million from Valero

* Alcoa takes hit as well

* Democrat Congressman Waxman cancels his health care witch hunt when he finally realized that the health care legislation really does hurt businesses

* Drug maker Eli Lilly will lose $950 million to $1.1 billion in revenue in next two years

* Forces insurance company out of business

* Medical device makers to cut employees

* Companies to drown in health care overhaul tax paperwork, literally

Of course the bill is great for small businesses:

* Fees on companies with 50 or more employees

* Health Care tanning tax decimates small tanning shops that 28 million Americans visit

* Avalanche of paperwork to hit small businesses too

* Obamacare is so great for small businesses that they are suing to repeal the law

The States are ecstatic about all the new health care obligations:

* Law takes away Medicaid rebate, $50 million in first year from California

* Though downplayed by Democrats, the law shifts costs of Medicaid onto the States. Last time I checked, the States were broke and even “mild” increases are devastating. In fact, the States can’t afford their Medicaid obligations that they currently have let alone an increase.

* CT left out of a Federal Medicare Windfall boondoggle

The law was written flawlessly!:

* The moment the bill was passed, congress had to pass a bill to fix it!

* Law didn’t actually cover children as the Democrats touted

* Insurance companies confused over how to account for medical costs in new legislation

* Bill allows for insurance companies to rapidly raise rates

Democrats broke nearly every promise made on the health care bill:

* Obama’s health care legislation would strengthen Medicare: Chief Actuary for Health and Human Services says it’s a lie.

* If you like your plan, you can keep your plan: Companies look to kick employees off their health care plans, law to strip a million low-income insured off their plans this September, government staffers kicked off their health care plans

* Health care will cost under a trillion over the last 6 years of the 10 year projection: CBO says that it will cost over a trillion

* Health care legislation will lower budget deficits in the ten year window: CBO says, that isn’t true

* No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions: Federal dollars will be going to fund abortions

Meanwhile, all the conservative “disinformation” proved true:

How many times did the left whine about all the “disinformation” on health care? Yet after the health care bill was passed, the left came out in true gotcha-style to announce that “yes” it was all true.

* NY Times Paul Krugman says that death panels will save us lots of money

* NY Times David Leonhardt admits that health care plan was primarily to promote socialism

News from MA’s health care system:

The bill passed in congress was modeled after MA’s health care system. So what news have we seen from the future of our health care overhaul?

* Mass Companies taking losses

* State Treasurer predicts new health care law will wipe out the economy in four years

* MA health care mandate hurts low-income families

Most importantly, every single link above was from just the last three months since the law passed. The democrats will have far bigger problems once people start reading about how they need health insurance to avoid jail time and that the term health care subsidy, does not mean free, leaving many forced to buy health insurance that they still can’t afford.


If we can agree on just one thing this November, may it be a candidate's pledge to repeal.

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  1. Great post!

    To think that all of these horrors are coming to light with Obamacare after only a few months- I can only imagine how bad this monstrosity will be when it goes into full effect.

  2. If this bill is not repealed, there will be another Civil War. Mark my words.

  3. Have retainer based physician practices been outlawed?


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