Look Out Black Holes! -NAACP Protest

by Proof

Hallmark is pulling a graduation card they've sold for years off the shelf because of complaints by the LA NAACP. Apparently they can find no real racism for them to complain about!
A cartoon character says: "You black holes...you're so ominous!" in a mock challenge to the planets and the universe. This is supposed to demonstrate just how cocky some graduates can be when they're ready to take on adult responsibilities.
Why anyone would think that in the context of putting planets on notice that the character would digress to give a shout out to "black whores" is beyond me.

What is truly demeaning is the stupidity of this protest.

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UPDATED per LCR: As a black conservative, Samuel G. has a great perspective on this ludicrous story as well. Read his take here.


  1. That is insane! Just because a card uses the word black and some people convinced themselves that they could hear an "r" they banned a silly card? Goodness sakes.

  2. Yeah. Hypersensitivity run amok.

  3. Proof - The bigger question here is perhaps what the NAACP consider black 'holes'?

    The mind wanders on that one.

  4. LCR: The thought crossed my mind as well, but the "better part of valor" and all that!

  5. Proof - Thank you, sir! (being that this is a pg rated blog, heh).....

  6. Sounds to me as though the term "black ho" is on their mind... But let's not forget what race coined this demeaning term!
    I guess it was a slow day for race baiting... And of course "They" always get a pass on any reverse prejudices...


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