Left Coast Rebel Fact-checked (and taken down a few notches) by Smitty at The Other McCain

by the Left Coast Rebel

Being a 34 year old Rush fanboy has it's downside. Yesterday's post on Rush's new album Clockwork Angels due springtime, 2011 contained a critical error.

It is an error for which no Rush fanboy perhaps should be forgiven. Indulge and forgive me, Smitty - Rush's most recent outing, Snakes and Arrows, contained not two but three instrumentals.

I clearly, earnestly, substituted reality with that which the c.d. deck automatically goes to.

For "The Main Monkey Business":

And "Malignant Narcissism":

Clearly don't jam (at the gym or on the road) like "Hope" does:

But nevertheless "Hope" is excellent (and useful vernacular for a recent authoritarian's election).... and number 2 of 3.

Perhaps, in my shame - I shall pass the torch to a better fan than I.....


  1. Ah, the fun of the blogs.
    Did I not enjoy such elevation from having been hoisted on my own petard a time or five, I should not have seen this. ;)

  2. Hahaha! I didn't pick up on that mistake.

    Hmmm...I better go recheck my recent post on the band Kamelot over at my place. Much more obscure than Rush, so there's less chance that somebody will know enough to find any mistakes, but still...

  3. BO doesn't check facts, why should you.

    Roll with it! No apologies needed!


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