The Latest Obamanation: White House Jobs for Sale, Andrew Romanoff Edition

by the Left Coast Rebel

Will the hope and change corruption house of cards actually catch up with the Obamanation? Will the administration's nefarious activities one day lead to justice? Just when the Obama White House thinks the 'go away from your Senate race and here's a job' scandal from Congressman Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania, another pops up in Colorado (even though it's actually old news).

He's a CO state lawmaker and his name is Andrew Romanoff. He is contending that the White House offered him not one but three jobs as an 'alternative' to running for the Senate in Colorado. Unlike the Sestak affair though, the White House has actually confirmed this, right out of the gate. Via Memeorandum, Politico reports:

The White House acknowledged Thursday that it made overtures to Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff about a possible administration job as it was trying to steer him away from a primary challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

The statement by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came the day after Romanoff revealed that White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina offered to consider Romanoff for three posts as an alternative to his Senate campaign.

Gibbs also revealed something Romanoff left out of his own statement however, that he had applied for a position at USAID during the presidential transition.

In a statement released at 6:25 a.m., Gibbs said Messina did reach out to Romanoff to see if it would be possible to keep him out of a primary challenge to Bennet, who had the White House's backing.

Hmm. I wonder what Obama knows and when he knew it? Even if this leads nowhere, does anyone really think that this helps the Obamanation image? Sister Toldjah has a few questions and some thoughts:

I’m glad this news is seeing the light of day on a national scale – and of course we can always count on Jake Tapper and Major Garrett to do the digging most others in the MSM can but won’t (and props to the AP for their reporting on it today as well), but I have to ask: Seeing as that a much less detailed version of this story was reported in the Denver media back in September 2009, why has this only now been given the attention it deserved back then? Furthermore, why are the WH and the politicos in question – Sestak and Romanoff – being allowed to get away with skirting around the quid pro quo issue by issuing statements like “It wasn’t a paying position” and “No job offer was promised”? Instead of the DOJ launching criminal and civil investigations into the BP oil spill drama, they should be launching investigations into who said what to whom and when and what was promised – and who authorized it. I won’t hold my breath, though.
AllahPundit at HotAir sees D.C. politics as usual in this story but closes with a thought:
As for the politics of Romanoff putting out this statement, I agree with Ben Smith: This sure looks like a middle finger towards the White House, aimed at casting his primary opponent, Michael Bennet, as the puppet of a very cynical political machine. No wonder Joe Sestak’s suddenly ducking joint appearances with The One.

Discsussion at Memeorandum/Jake Tapper here, AP here.

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