Just the Facts, Ma'am...

by Proof

I think I'm going to be channeling Joe Friday a lot between now and November. And I'm not the only one! Perhaps you remember this rather disgraceful exchange back in June of 2009, between Barbara "Bouncer*" and Brigadier General Michael Walsh.


Ma'am is a title of respect in the south and in the military and virtually every where else except the vast, empty canyons between Barbara Boxer's ears. So, she interrupts a Brigadier General testifying in front of her, because he did not address her as “Senator”. She’d worked soooo hard to get there…as if a Brigadier General hadn’t! What a whiner!

And now, people are calling her to task for it. This afternoon on Tom Sullivan's radio show, all he would call Boxer was "Ma'am". Over at Michelle Malkin's, a guest blogger is referring to her as "Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer". And, not to be outdone, the Republican National Senatorial Committee has their own website:
CallMeMaam.com – Help Boxer Move from Being a “Senator” to a “Ma’am”".

Return Babs to private life? Shucks, ma'am! 'Tweren't nothin'!

*For her abysmal (and possibly illegal) penchant for writing checks against the House Bank for which there were no funds on deposit, during her brief stint in the House of Representatives.

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  1. In my opinion, her demand for more respect only shows she deserves less! Time to Boxher up and set her out on the curb...

  2. The proper way to address the Queen of England is "Your majesty" at the beginning and then "ma'am" from then on.

    Ma'am is good enough for the Queen, but not Barbie Boxer.

    I just love how she says she "worked hard" to get to that position.

    BTW, I found prior testimony of this same officer (as a Colonel) before male members of the Senate. He called them "Sir" and not one of them objected. A few days after I linked to the testimony, it disappeared from the Senate archives.

    Not once during the questioning does Boxer refer to him as "General".

  3. Yeah. Our Babs is a piece of work, all right! If you aren't in a position to vote against her this fall, send good thoughts her opponent's way.
    Or cash.

  4. How is it that every time I listen to her say that, I get as annoyed with her pettiness as I did the first time?


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