J.D. Hayworth Channels Matthew Lesko/Question Mark Guy?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'm sure all of you have seen this idiot before:

The 'free government money'/question mark guy's name is Matthew Lesko and has been on telivision doing hawking free 'gubbmint' money for years (it's a scam although the philosophy is alive and well in the Democrat Party).

Did J.D. Hayworth channel Matthew Lesko in 2007?:

Does this infomercial-revelation fry J.D. Hayworth's chance at beating McAmnesty? You tell me. AllahPundit offers this:

Besides, most of the people who are still with him at this point are surely diehard McCain-haters, prone to shiver at the mere mention of the word “Maverick.” Hayworth could don a Lesko jacket and jaunty Willy Wonka top hat and start spinning like Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music” shouting “freeee moneeey” and that crowd would still vote for him.
Hmm, I am a diehard McCain hater so where does that put me? I'll never forget 2007's McCain/Bush/Kennedy amnesty among other McCain injustices. He should never be reelected even if that means writing in 'Mickey Mouse' instead.

Via Memeorandum.


  1. Tim - The first video could almost be a parody if it were not true.

    The second?... Well, I am not a McCain hater as much as I feel saddened by the spectacle of a once true Maverick turned statist boot strap licker.

  2. Yes I live in AZ and I cannot believe no one else is going to run against McCain. Do I vote for Hayworth?!! I don't want to vote for McCain. Uggg.

  3. Yeah, I just lost my respect for Hayworth.

  4. Vinyard, voting for Hayworth is voting for the once named, 'dumbest member in Congress' You may not like all that McCain has said or done, but trust me...Hayworth is FAR worse! JD allows vulnerability for the GOP, JD was a big earmark/spender in Washington...Vote AGAINST JD!

  5. Wow I thought JD was annoying before now everytime I look at him I will picutre him in that suit. LOL

  6. Trestin you had respect for hayworth??????

  7. Sorry Trestin I had to ask, I too am a AZ citizen and I for one would never put my faith in JD again. We voted him out once already and replaced him with a democrat. Now I know on this blog that is good news but in Arizona it's really hard to lose to a democrat.


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