Detroit Activist Comparing U.S. Border Patrol To The KKK

By: Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

Community activist Elena Herrada during a panel discussion in Detroit, MI... The event was at the US Social Forum June 23, 2010.

As pointed out by Verum Serum Herrada is primarily a local activist in Detroit. She has however been quoted  often in national publications. Her claim to fame is her community activism with respect to immigrant rights. Last June the NY Times Opinionator featured an article written by Herrada on immigration.

The US Social Forum is a a gathering radical progressive collectivists of significant consequence. The organization is made up of community activists and organizers as well as union leaders. To demonstrate their radical agenda here is the Forum's slogan..."Another World Is Possible, Another U.S. is Necessary."0

Herrada's comment are chilling and demonstrates great disdain for a group of law enforcement officials with the responsibility to protect our borders and and stop the flow of illegal's entering our country. Now I realize that that the effectiveness of the border patrol is wanting. However this is due to the lack of political will in both major parties. It has existed for some time and through several administrations. Perhaps it is rhetoric such as Herrada that is partially responsible for our lack of will nationally.

While Herrada did not say she was for totally open US borders in the video clip, I suspect she is fully on board with the Bush/Obama amnesty plan. What I find most disturbing is that the government media complex, ie: main stream media is likely to make no mention of Herrada's comments. yet they will dice anything the Tea Party says or does, calling them racist, homophobic, anti American, fascist, and a whole host of derogatory names. 

Talk about hypocritical. Elena Herrada's comments are anti government rhetoric at the very least and in all probability racist at their worst.  

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  1. I think John Edwards was on to something. There are two Americas: the bizzaro world, and the America we grew up in.

  2. Did this woman's mother drop her on her head when she was a baby? Where do all these idiots come from? I wonder what she would say if she were assaulted by an illegal alien...

  3. Trestin - And the America I grew up in is rapidly fading away,

  4. John - Out from the woodwork?


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