Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on CNN: 'We Need Our Borders Secured'

by the Left Coast Rebel

CNN's John King takes the government/media complex side in this excellent interview with Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer. Gov. Jan Brewer proves that a conservative straight shooter is a winning national phenomenom:

I love her closing comment! Could Governor Jan Brewer run for President? She is seemingly, eminently confident, qualified, brave and spot-on. It's no wonder the left is trying to smear her character.

Hat-tip goes to American Power. American Power is running some of the best Arizona immigration blog-fodder this side of.....

Well, this side of anywhere.


  1. I have nothing but utmost respect for this woman! What is so unreasonable about what she wants not only for her state but for the US in whole?
    This short clip shows clearly the contempt the liberal thinking has for the Constitution and the American way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!

  2. other words, the CNN interviewer lived up to all expectations of his being an Adam Henry. Boy that guy sure touched all the bases in that one and -- in a way -- gave Governor Brewer a chance to hit a lot out of the park.

    Ya gotta love the inference that 1,200 typewriter-wielding admin troops and half a billion was supposed to solve AZ's problem.

    It's kind of neat to see a state governor with a bigger set that Arnie has.


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