And So It Goes In America Today

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

After almost a year of blogging I have come to the realization that America has decided to take the path leading to European Socialism and ultimately fascism. Forgive me if you disagree with my analysis but it really matters not which party is in power. The only demonstrable difference is the rapidity the nation will realize total and complete socialism/fascism. As Ayn Rand so accurately pointed out, and I paraphrase... When good compromises with evil good acquires a measure of evil and by this process evil is strengthened.

For almost a year I have listened to the irrational rants of left, as well as reading a myriad of writings by those on the left that IMO enjoy, and in fact revel  in finding everything they can to tear this nation and it greatness apart. While they may proclaim their efforts are to make this a better nation they are in reality doing everything possible to help mold the nations future in the vision of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao et all... For all these individuals espoused nothing more than socialism. In other words a state controlled economy and social system.

I am sure the left thinks I don't realize the subtle differences between fascism and socialism. To this charge I can only say bulls*it. Anyone who has followed my posts over the last year knows this. But all that aside I must say academia, the lame mainstream media, the progressive republican and democratic politicians, the past and current administration, the useless congress, and all ambivalent Americans are responsible for our current state of  decline.

So be it. Until such time as America decides to openly, honestly, and without irrational emotionalism address the problems this nation faces, and identify objective and logical solutions to our problems not a hell of a lot will change. Personally I believe it is beyond the ability of either the Republican or Democratic party to do so. And this my readership is based on the obvious following the actions of both parties. 

I must add however the extreme socialistic left and the extreme fascistic right are most culpable. Perhaps as a a rational member of the progressive left has often said... maybe this nation has just grown to big and all encompassing and maybe we should be a continent of fifty individual states. Each with its own budget, self defense concerns, educational system, etc.

No, I am not advocating this but it sure as hell caused me to think. Something our national leaders and the leadership of both major parties ceased to do a long time ago. 

Folks it's about time we said screw political correctness and stick with objective logic and reason. If this makes me raaaacist, homophobic, a right wing nut job, an anarchist, anti government, un American, or whatever so be it. I remain a proud American and I see what the progressive left over the last 100 years has brought America. Ayn Rand was absolutely correct.

But of course the progressive left insured her Objectivist Philosophy was not taught in American schools. Just like Friedrich A. Hayek's The Road To Serfdom  was not required reading. Both should have been.

America has simply become a nation of Rip Van Winkles. Sad but true. I think I shall join them for it is easier and a hell of a lot less stressful. Good Evening.


  1. Cheer up, Les! This fight is not over and Lady Liberty is not buried yet. In fact, I feel much better than I did a year ago.....

    I'll talk to you soon to perhaps bring a little optimism!

  2. At the end of the first paragraph I was reminded of a simple truth. A half truth is a whole lie...

  3. Tim - I try to maintain a cheery attitude. However, given that we are out numbered in the millions, and those who are attempting to lead our conservative movement in large part have no foundation in philosophy and reason themselves, it just seems hopeless. That all roads will eventually lead to the same sad ending.

    Perhaps being part of the several million who chose to blog has opened my eyes to the depth and severity of the problems facing our country. Perhaps I am wrong, and if so then so be it, but I believe the conservative movement and the tea party movement need to form a consistent political and philosophical platform that is reasoned and logical. I just don't see this as happening.

    When the best that is offered are the McCain's, the Palin's, the Romney's, the Boehner's, and yes even the Rand Paul's (a man I had pinned my hopes on but rapidly disappointed me.. again for the lack of consistency to a philosophy he obviously doesn't fully understand)we are indeed in trouble.

    Perhaps I will grow out of my disenchantment, I generally do. Perhaps I won't. Only time will tell.

    For now I am going to relax, take a break, and think about strategy. My site needs some updating and as I haven't time because of business pressures, nor the inclination right now to attempt the update myself, I am thinking let it lay dormant for a time and enjoy my grandchild.

    I started my site with the hopes of perhaps making a contribution to the causes I love and believe in, and hopefully making a small difference.

    Perhaps I have and perhaps I haven't. In the final analysis what is important is the associations I have formed and the learning I have experienced.

    I will likely be back. For now I need a break.

    I admire your seemingly boundless energy and your passion for the cause you love. I suppose as long as America has young intelligent and motivated people like yourself there remains hope. Keep up the fight for it is worth fighting for.

    My last rambling thought ... Work on the conservative base and tea party base as therein lies the success or failure of the ideals Rational Nation USA and I believe Left Coast Rebel, as well as thousands of others believe in.

    I look forward to chatting with you my friend.

  4. JOHN - Thank you for so succinctly making my point!

    And thanks for your comments both here at LCR and RN USA.


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