(VIDEO) Pepsi Truck Crash on Dallas, Texas Tollway

by the Left Coast Rebel


Perhaps even more amazing than the crash itself is that there were no serious injuries. Dallas area's WFAA News:

DALLAS — We now have dramatic video of an 18-wheeler as it careened out of control on the Dallas North Tollway.

The images, provided by a North Texas Tollway Authority traffic camera, show the Pepsi truck driving in the southbound lanes at Beltline Road Wednesday afternoon when a car apparently cut it off.

The truck driver over-corrected and crossed the concrete median barrier, ending up on its side sliding in the northbound lanes.

Before it was over, six other vehicles were involved in the wreck, but somehow there were no serious injuries.


  1. what the heck was that car thinking? i bet they were texting or something. how did they not see that truck? luckily no one was seriously hurt!

  2. I drive for Pepsi and it was done to me at the NewJersy turnpike I saw it coming and avoided it they should lock his or her ass up.

  3. That car didn’t “cut it off”. The car ran into the truck once, moved back into the lane it was supposed to be in, and then turned sharply left to run into it again. One way or another, there was something seriously wrong in that car.

  4. Unglaublich! I lost control of a car once in rainy weather and spun into on coming traffic. When I came to a stop, there were no cars anywhere near me... thank God!

  5. the car cut the truck off, whether intentionally (which it appears so) or accidentally. if your car is having steering problems and you don't pull over after the first time, then you are an idiot and asking for a crash.

  6. I'll wager either a cell phone or an Asian female driver was involved. That car HIT the truck and bounced off, then steered back into its path out of control. The driver reacted to the impact he obviously couldn't see and went over the median. It's a miracle no cars were coming the other way. If he saw no cars and made a conscious decision to go over the median, he's a hero.

    I'd love to see someone Photoshop the Obama logo over the Pepsi logo on that. I wish I had the time.

  7. i hope that car has lots of coverage 'cause they are responsible for every bit of that damage! I'm glad that everyone was okay!


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