Rand Paul, Crazy? Conor Friederdorf in Newsweek with a Surprisingly Competent Piece

rand paul

by the Left Coast Rebel

Hmm, Newsweek? Even more so, Conor Friedersdorf in Newsweek, with a piece that is actually decent?:

If returning to the gold standard is unthinkable, is it not just as extreme that President Obama claims an unchecked power to assassinate, without due process, any American living abroad whom he designates as an enemy combatant? Or that Joe Lieberman wants to strip Americans of their citizenship not when they are convicted of terrorist activities, but upon their being accused and designated as enemy combatants? In domestic politics, policy experts scoff at ethanol subsidies, the home-mortgage-interest tax deduction, and rent control, but the mainstream politicians who advocate those policies are treated as perfectly serious people.

Call them crazy, but Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, a likely 2012 presidential candidate, oppose those policies, which puts them at odds with an establishment whose consensus shouldn’t determine whether we grapple with or dismiss an idea. As the most egregious excesses of the war on terror so clearly demonstrate, libertarian ideology doesn’t always lead its adherents to lunacy, and being “in the mainstream” isn’t always a self-evidently desirable characteristic, nor has it ever been in the long history of American politics.

Will the dismissive treatment of libertarians nevertheless persist? Will reporters covering a 2012 Gary Johnson candidacy zero in on his opposition to the war on drugs, and ask him questions like “Will sex offenders who’ve served their time in jail be able to buy ecstasy on their way to a Miley Cyrus concert?” Quite possibly. The press loves to ask questions premised on the most absurd applications of libertarian theory. But Obama won’t face incredulous questions from the establishment press about asserting powers that, if abused, would theoretically enable him to declare a political opponent an enemy combatant, deport him, and murder him using the power of the state.

As they say, read the rest.

Robert Stacy McCain chimes in:
Obviously, one clever column isn’t enough to redeem Friedersdorf, but you have to give the boy credit for that one indelible mental image: Miley Cyrus taking the stage in Albuquerque, N.M., and discovering the conert arena is jammed to the rafters with 10,000 drug-crazed perverts paroled by Gary Johnson.
Also, for what it's worth, dear reader - I have been in contact with Gary Johnson's chief media person and I may get the chance to interview him personally coming up. Any ideas on what you would want me to ask him?

Via Memeorandum. Rand Paul photo c/o Gage Skidmore, Flickr, not for commercial use or reproduction.

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  1. Yeah, ask him why does personal freedom to make our own choices frighten the liberals so much? Even God gives us free will.


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