Porcupine Tree: "Time Flies" (VIDEO) UPDATED: The Incident Behind the Scenes + "Don't Hate Me" from the Stupid Dream Album

by the Left Coast Rebel

Progressive rock? Jazz fusion? Offbeat artists with funny names?

Who has even heard of the band Porcupine Tree?

Well, if you haven't, then you are missing out on one the best artists in the world, bar none. Steven Wilson, the genius behind the band has melded every style and sense imaginable into his passion. Part Beatles, Pink Floyd, soundscape uniqueness and others.

Porcupine Tree may still not be a household name but time will tell.

Actually, not only does time tell but; Time Flies:

Cut, radio friendly version of Time Flies from The Incident album:

UPDATED: Here's a little bonus, a couple minutes of 'behind the scenes' of Steve Wilson and company, The Incident:

I can't help myself, here's an absolute genius-gem from 1999's Stupid Dream album, "Don't Hate Me..." Pure music magic:


  1. Been slowly adding them to my library since you brought them to my attention last month. There's so many good songs to choose from, and I really like this one (not surprised). Heading to the iTunes store now. Thanks

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  3. Yes, I know Porcupine Tree! I usually lean more toward the prog metal side, but I also do the prog rock thing. PT actually seems to be getting a bit more exposure lately.

    Spock's Beard and Flower Kings are a couple other bands in that genre that I listen to. Neal Morse's solo stuff as well.

  4. Steve - Glad you took my advice! My favorite band for several years now, hands down.

    Bastiatarian - I have too in the past - Dream Theater, Symphony X, the list goes on. Porcupine Tree (Steve Wilson) is the work of pure genius.....

  5. Bastiatarian - I love Spock's Beard - totally funky, off the wall, Neal Morse is way too talented. Their original stuff reminds me of Gentle Giant, another huge favorite!

  6. I actually hung out with some of the guys in PT after they played HOB here in San Diego a few years ago -- mainly the 2nd guitar player they tour with, Wes -- in a sushi bar just around the corner from the venue. Didn't know they would be there, just coincidence they wanted some sushi, too. Really nice guys, probably even before all the saki...

    Been listening to them for years now. I don't like to use the word "genius" very often, but LCR, I tend to agree. I have every PT release, and I tend to prefer the "In Absentia" and later releases.


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