(PHOTOS), (VIDEO) Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano and Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Eruptions

by the Left Coast Rebel

What is it with all of the seismic activity in the world these days? Reaganite writes:

Rocks exploding from a volatile Guatemala volcano eruption killed a television reporter in the capital, and sadly, three children are missing.
The Pacaya volcano started erupting lava and rocks on Thursday afternoon, blanketing Guatemala City with ash and forcing the closure of the international airport. Guatemala President Alvaro Colom declared a "state of calamity."
Guatemala news television reporter Anibal Archila was hit by a shower of rocks when he got too close to the volcano, about 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of Guatemala City, said David de Leon, a spokesman for the national disaster committee.
Sounds like a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie. Read all of the details of the Guatemala volcano at Reaganite.

The Telegraph reports on volcanic activity in both Ecuador and Guatemala:

President Alvaro Colom of Guatemala declared a 15-day state of emergency around the Pacaya volcano, 30 miles south of the capital, Guatemala City.

The volcano erupted again Friday after first bursting back to life Wednesday, killing two people, including a television reporter covering the event.

In Ecuador, the Tungurahua volcano exploded into action on Friday, forcing the evacuation of at least seven villages and closing down the airport and public schools in Guayaquil, the country's largest and most populated city.

As 8,372 feet, the Pacaya volcano exploded anew on Friday, with billowing clouds of ash and dust. Mr Colom said La Aurora International Airport, in Guatemala City, would remain closed until Saturday "because we've got to clean the runways and surrounding areas" of ash.

The airport closures were reminiscent of the massive blanket of ash Iceland's Eyjafjoell volcano spewed out last month causing the biggest aerial shutdown in Europe since the Second World War, affecting more than 100,000 flights and eight million passengers.

President Colom said the eruptions of Pacaya since Wednesday had killed two people, injured 59, left three children missing and destroyed 100 homes.

The Emergency Management Co-ordinator said between 1,700-1,900 people have been evacuated from their homes to nearby shelters in three departments affected by the emergency decree.

Photos of the volcanos:

Via the Telegraph, volcano Tungurahua throws ash and stones during an explosion near Cotalo, Ecuador (Photo: AP):

volcano 1

A photo from Guatemala that show the ash and damage (c/o AP). A woman stands near a church in Calderas, Guatemala. Note the ash from the Pacaya eruption:

volcano 2

Video of Guatemala's Pacaya volcano eruption:

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