The Phoenix Rally Against Arizona Senate Bill 1070

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I am a strong supporter of Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 and the states new immigration law. In fact I believe more American sovereign states ought to enact effective immigration policy based on Federal Law already on the books, however not enforced for years. When the Fed fails the people the states have both the right and obligation to fill the gap. And this is exactly what Arizona did with Senate Bill 1070.

The recent protest in Phoenix against the new immigration law was met with soft and unrepresentative reporting by the main stream leftist media. A more accurate account of the socialist anti illegal immigration rally is to be found at American Power.

The following are but a few visual images that went un-shown by the mainstream illegitimate press. Again h/t to American Power.

I believe the pictures speak the obvious. Any rational thought was lost here. The real issue for those attending this rally was for open borders and the intention of vilifying a reasonable attempt by Arizona to control ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Hmm, The larger question is this... With a vast majority of Americans favoring Arizona's law when will the illegitimate press and the soft Obama administration get the real picture and feel the heartbeat of America.

My guess... never.


  1. I feel these photos reinforce the need for Arizona's Senate Bill 1070!

  2. LCR: I've been waiting for your blog/post. I read in the K-ville newspaper that "thousands showed up to protest" the AZ law. I want to know how many "thousands". Any word on where they parked? Did they carpool, walk, ride the bus, bikes? It's just all too absurb. And thanks for the pics, you are right, the dismal press corps, never mentioned these pictures. What a bunch of poop heads.


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