Palin Does Little To Help Rand Paul's Case

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Before I start first let me reiterate I am a solid believer in the principals Rand Paul was addressing after his primary win last Tuesday in Kentucky.

The principal of private property, whether it be individual or business, and the inherent right to do with it as one pleases in so long as it does not threaten the life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness of another is a valid ethical and moral principal. Period. Government has no ethical basis on which to interfere.

At the same time let me say Maddow's questioning was not unreasonable. When a politician knowingly makes controversial statements they better be damn well ready and able to back their statements up with reasoned arguments. Rand Paul failed miserably in this arena. Not because the principals he was discussing were invalid, rather because he was not prepared for the obvious onslaught of questioning he received by Maddow, or the criticizism he has received by the compliant government media complex.

Now we have the poster girl of the Republican arm of the Tea Party movement claiming Maddow's questioning of Rand was prejudicial. Hello already. Isn't that what the media is supposed to do? Question the veracity of a candidates position? Isn't that what the conservatives wanted from the media during the 2008 campaign? Admittedly the media was soft on El Presidente Obama, but that isn't the point. Either you stand on principal (which cuts both ways) or don't stand at all.

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  1. So you're pro-choice? Mighty right of you.

  2. "...claiming Maddow's questioning of Rand was prejudicial. Hello already. Isn't that what the media is supposed to do?"

    Yes. But the media generally only do what they're supposed to do (ask tough questions) when they're dealing with GOPers.

    Selectively serving up agenda-driven gotcha questions served up to one party while propping up the other...that's the DNC's job.

    Rand could have handled the questions better, but we need to be prepared for more amateurism as this election cycle progresses. We're throwing out the establishment slicksters and replacing them with Tea Party novices.

  3. @Sirkowski:
    What are you talking about?

    The questions weren't so much pre-judicial as irrelevant and a straw man trap for Rand Paul. He's a fool for stepping into it. Honestly, he doesn't have to give every interview requested too.

    The thing is, how will the DC and New York media trap play in Kentucky? He's not running for president and there is time to get by this. Shoot, Blumenthal lied about being in Vietnam and he's ahead. Give it time.

    As far as Palin goes, she has her own agenda and desires. Don't look for her to jump in the pit where Rand is wrestling with the pigs.

  4. Conservatives need to stop being defensive and tongue-tied about the CRA. It passed (with large Republican support) with good intentions to battle a problem at that time. But the real issue in the here and now, is that the implementation of the law, along with LBJ's (and other) social programs, has largely been a disaster- leading to broken homes and poverty in the inner cities. Paul, and every conservative should be going on the offensive, pointing out all the failed policies of Big Gov intervention in this area, the nonchalant attitudes that the Dem.s have about the failures, and the misery it has caused so many people.

  5. @AG you sure have it right! And he's still ahead in the polls! Looks to me like this has given him a lot of free publicity! And from what I can see, he did not say anything negative...

  6. Psst ... It's "principles," not "principals."

    Libertarianism is essentially World of Warcraft for politicos: a kind of arrested adolescence for those capable of only one idea, poorly developed.


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