Orwellian Police State: Federal Fat Police to Track Body Mass Index (bmi) of America's Children?

by the Left Coast Rebel

CNSNews is breaking this story. I find it similar to the upcoming FDA salt enforcement and myriad absurd welfare-statist notions of controlling every aspect of individual American lives.

(CNSNews.com) - A bill introduced this month in Congress would put the federal and state governments in the business of tracking how fat, or skinny, American children are.

States receiving federal grants provided for in the bill would be required to annually track the Body Mass Index of all children ages 2 through 18. The grant-receiving states would be required to mandate that all health care providers in the state determine the Body Mass Index of all their patients in the 2-to-18 age bracket and then report that information to the state government. The state government, in turn, would be required to report the information to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for analysis.

The Healthy Choices Act--introduced by Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee--would establish and fund a wide range of programs and regulations aimed at reducing obesity rates by such means as putting nutritional labels on the front of food products, subsidizing businesses that provide fresh fruits and vegetables, and collecting BMI measurements of patients and counseling those that are overweight or obese.
Recall that we knew that Obamacare would open the floodgates?:
Section 101 of the bill amends the Public Health Services Act by stating that health care providers must record the Body Mass Index of all children ages 2 through 18. "The provision relates to all children in states that accept grants under the bill," a spokesperson for Rep. Kind told CNSNews.com. "However, it is important to note that no one is forced to come in for a doctor’s visit to get their BMI tested. BMI will be taken at times when the child makes an otherwise scheduled doctor’s visit."
More Orwellian, Leninist, fat-police-state garbage:

To pay for implementing BMI data gathering, Sec. 102 of the bill states that the federal government will give grants to states that meet certain criteria, including having “the capacity to store basic demographic information (including date of birth, gender and geographic area of residence), height, weight, and immunization data for each resident of the state.”

Obamacare and the leftist-statists in power at this time have opened an open-ended can of worms of government intrusion into our lives. Nothing short of a ballot-revolution can turn back the tide.

How can we not laugh at such absurdity? Once our Constitutionally-antithetical, centralized Federal government institutes a Fat Police regime, will the Fat Police - police, fat police?


Just asking. Again, wake up, America.

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  1. LCR,

    You better be careful where you tread, old son, or the state will be cutting your chocolate ration back to 25 grams per week.

    Boy, oh, boy, the police state authorizing enforcement of dietary regulations. A concept rife with straight lines involving cops and donuts, no?


  2. And whose BMI chart will they use? According to the standard government chart I should weigh 200lbs. Christ, I am 6'5. I'd look like a concentration camp survivor. Even Obama wouldn't pass muster, and MoBama surely wouldn't at all.

  3. Hhahahahaha... Right Guy stole my thunder on Michelle.

  4. Someone should check the body mass index of:

    - The Surgeon General
    - Elena Kagan
    - Michelle Obama

  5. Everybody was so worried about Big Brother, but now we've got Big Mother.

  6. Note to Federal Government:
    Protect our borders, our water supply, and other matters of national defense and STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR PRIVATE LIVES!

  7. I don't think that pic is what they mean by "fat police', lol Rebel

    Good piece, & linked at RR today:


    Have a great weekend-

  8. TWP - You just may be onto something, I can't help myself...

    Rightguy - Same here, when I am lifting a lot I come in at 200+ pounds. A couple years back my doctor told me that I 'weighed too much' even though I run up to 15 miles a week and have low body fat...

    LA - Great minds think alike :)

    Nick Rowe - The ruling class will be exempted from any 'standards' they set. The people you mention here will of course, be exmempted.

    John - Thanks!

    RR - Thanks, James. Nice teamwork lately!


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