Obama's Gulf Oil Spill Action Easily Summed up

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Anchoress hits the ball out of the park with her assessment of Obama's (and D.C.'s) performance in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

Our government is top-heavy with people who have never “done” anything.

The Obama administration is loaded down with academics and lawyers who have spent their lives theorizing about things like economics, markets, social order and crisis management–and criticizing methods with which they disagree–but who have little practical experience in doing.

In fairness to the White House, many members of congress (and their leadership) have never done anything but talk, pose and run for office, too, but perhaps it behooves a president to have a few people in place who know how to (as any successful capitalist would) find the people who have an acquaintance with practical applications and who know how to yell, and how to dig in with both unmanicured hands.

Admittedly, it is difficult to put such people in place. Can-do capitalists are jawboners; they tend to want to lead, rather than fall-in-line. But any administration should have a couple of them discreetly in the background, so that when things hit the fan, there are more than mere theorists on board.

Brilliant, simple and brilliant - and absolutely correct. Liberals, socialists, 'progressives,' professors, statists of all stripes know only how to theorize and have been taught and paid to do so - it's their job. But when the rubber hits the real world road (read capitalist), experience is what works. And capitalist in this sense simply means men and women that have survived and thrived in this tough world.

However, Obama's performance should come as no surprise:

We need flexible thinkers in the United States government and a much smaller U.S. government. We have the antithesis and are dealing with a man and government that is hostile to thinking outside of the professor-box.

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  1. Anyone, be they libertarian, conservative, progressive, whatever... if they have a free thinking mind can not help but see the flaw in the current administrations thinking.

    But I certainly will bet the lib talkers will come out in droves to argue this makes sense.

    Even Wilson, FDR, and LBJ had enough sense to utilize people who actually knew and accomplished something.

  2. As the prophetess at the "Shrine of Flaming Capitalism", I applaud this piece. Bravo.


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