New Les Phillip Campaign Ad (A bit LCR Belated Nod) and an Absurd 'Negro with a White Sound and Feel' Allegation from Leftist No More Mr. Nice Blog

les phillip

by the Left Coast Rebel

Unabashed, pulling no punches - Alabama CD 5 candidate for the GOP nomination Les Phillip recently came out with a new ad.

If it looks similar to the recent Alabama Ag. Commissioner ad then you are onto something. RSM writes:

This ad was produced by Ladd Ehlinger Jr., who also produced the Dale Peterson ad, which may have just lost its status as Best Political Ad Evah!
Anyway this Les Phillip ad has been a popular item since the weekend. Sully at Memeorandum linked it, thinking that it was absurd and ridiculous but without saying so, hence my chance to link.

Leftist-libtard Steve M. at No More Mr. Nice Blog likes to think that he found a "negro with a white sound and the 'white feel.' "

But Steve M. thinks that he gets a pass because he is simply referring to the inherent racism of the Republican party in pushing candidates like Les Phillip:

I've been thinking that white Republicans want African-Americans to run only because they think it makes the party look better -- but I find myself wondering if it's more than that. I'm wondering if whites in the GOP are starting to look at electoral politics as some combination of sports, entertainment, and combat -- all areas in which whites have long been in the habit of watching blacks take the field.

We know that big-time sports (pro and especially college) frequently involves overwhelmingly white and well-heeled stadium crowds cheering on teams that include many blacks. We know whites of various ages like hip-hop and the blues and jazz and the vicarious feeling of bad-assitude they get from these styles of music. We know that well-off whites, however much they may wave the flag, expect inner-city non-whites (as well as poor rural whites) to actually fight our wars.

I start to wonder if the increased interest in having black candidates in the GOP is appealing to a similar mindset. Need somebody to be go head-to-head with an antagonist? Get a black guy -- that's what they're there for, right?

Ain't the left grand? The Tea Party movement is raaaaacist?

Nothing like the Democratic party plantation....


  1. This Steve M. is the embodiment of the Democrat party. First off, how the hell do blacks "take the field" in combat and entertainment? I mean, I can understand sports, some of them anyway, but combat, really? Coming from personal experience, yeah there are a lot of blacks in the Army, but the vast majority of soldiers are white. Good lord what a racebaiting twit. And they accuse US of racism?

  2. Oh, it can't be that they are fed up with the stupidity of the liberal mindset or they have also had enough of what the Govt is doing...
    Why can't these people see that the Tea Party movement is not about Republican or Democrat, but about liberty and freedom for ALL Americans? If they love the socialist ideology so much, then move to Europe! Greece needs their support!

  3. Hey, thanks for the hits, schmuck.

  4. Yeah, we'll just call it our step'n'fetch it offensive. Pathetic.

    Hack, the ignorance of his blacks in combat analogy and the irony of leftist Hollywood being wary of having too many blacks on the screen is duly note.

  5. Steve - You simply are too easy and prove my point in spades, douchenozzle.

  6. It appears that Stevie is actually the one who believes that there is a difference between "black" people and "white" people. Personally, I don't know of any true conservatives or libertarians that even care about so-called "race." That's pretty much a thing for "liberals." (I haven't seen any evidence of them being too terribly liberal with anything other than moral standards and other people's money, of course.)

    Those "progressives" gotta have their categories to stick people into, though!

  7. Bastiatarian - Stevie is the only one but there are many in the nutroots and for that matter, in the 'main stream' press.

    Great points!


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