New Jersey Teacher Rita Wilson Attempts to Lecture NJ Governor Chris Christie

by the Left Coast Rebel

....and gets the rebuttal that we all should cheer for. Although teachers perform an important service in our nation, it gives them no right to feel entitled to our tax dollars. As the good Governor says, 'you know the pay scale going in....':

Stones, I tell you. New Jersey blogger Clifton at Another Black Conservative chimes in:

KA-POW! One shot of reality right between the eyes. Those of us in the private sector have long understood that if your pay sucks, you pack your bags for greener pastures. Why has this simple logic escaped public sector employees? Because greedy unions fill their heads with nonsense.

When Christie was running for Governor in NJ, Clifton was less than thrilled. Not any more!:

Oh and to all you Chris Christie 2012 fans; hands off! The big boy is staying right here until 2014!
Read the rest at ABC, via Memeorandum.


  1. Teachers oft forget that they make what fulltimers make while working only 2/3 of the year. My advice is get a summer job!

  2. The teacher responded by saying that she has a master’s degree and that her current salary "isn’t compensating her for the value of her higher education as well as her experience."

    Teachers should be fighting for privatization of education, vouchers, etc. They could then earn salaries in proportion to their skills, qualifications and accomplishments.

  3. She said she loves what she does... that is something not many have and a reward of its own...
    I like this Gov! He has the right attitude. I hope it will be contagious! And sweep the nation like swine flu.. Or at least like the news said it would...

  4. Beautiful. I'm really getting to like this guy.

  5. She does it because she loves it, but yet she is complaining about a salary she signed on for.

    this guy has stones, love it!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Governor Christie! Thanks for sharing the video. Can we please get someone with even half his gumption and backbone here in California? Oh pretty please...


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